EU elected president: Has the EU tended toward greater unification in its history?

  • Yes, it has.

    Just to comment on the whole EU president thing. The EC president wasn't technically elected by the people. The people voted for the EU Parliament, and each grouping nominated the candidate they would propose if they won the election. There was no popular vote, per say, for the commission president, and thank god for that, or we would end up with a Penn or Farage in charge, and it would be the end of the human race!

  • The EU is tending toward greater unification

    Greater EU unification really is the only solution the EU has to its various economic and social woes, and this needs to be embraced, not fought against. The EU in this sense should follow the example of the United States, the most successful federation within world history. Time to follow the lead.

  • The European Union

    EU has tended to greater unification of the European nation. The European union has been in the news because of the value of the Euro in comparison to the United States Dollar. If all of the nations in the European Union unify, then the value of the Euro will increase.

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