EU elected president: Would the election of a President make the EU a more accountable institution?

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  • EU President A Terrible Idea

    Without a doubt, the EU shouldn't adopt a president through any type of election. That wouldn't make the EU more accountable. It would simply cause more infighting between the nations that comprise the European Union, which is the last thing anybody wants. A single president wouldn't do enough to unite the EU.

  • Regional Differences, Parliamentary Issues Make Bureaucratic Mess

    Until Europe solves its regional issues, the president of the EU won't make the government more accountable. Greece, Spain and Portugal still face economic hardships in the Euro Zone. Although the single currency was seen as a bolster for European goods, the government as a whole seems to be more symbolic thanks to a parliament that is split along regional lines. A president won't solve the EU's economic woes, which is the largest issue facing the region at this point.

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