EU federalism: Is the federalization of Europe going to benefit Europe politically?

  • Yes, The EU Will Have More Standing in the Wider World and More Harmony at Home

    The federalization of Europe will greatly benefit the people
    of the EU. A federated Europe will be able to act as a political whole, while still
    carefully maintaining the cultural and ethnic identities of its component states.
    With its new-found unity, the EU will exercise more power in the wider world,
    and internal policy making is likely to go more smoothly as well. With time,
    the tensions between the economically successful northern countries and the
    less successful southern countries should diminish, as all sates come to realize
    they are in this Union together.

  • No, federalism creates laborious laws.

    No, federalism will not help Europe because federalism creates laborious laws that are often not in the best interests of every nation involved. What's good for a small country in one part of Europe may not be good for a large country in another part. With so many mundane laws to comply with, economic progress will be hampered and it will stall growth in the region.

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