EU high court delivers blow to UK snooper's charter: is the EU in the right by doing this?

  • Yes it is

    The EU high court delivered a huge blow to the UK snoopers charter. The EU is completely in the right by doing this, it is a complete breach of our confidentiality laws. Only targeted interception of traffic and location data in order to combat serious crime – including terrorism – is justified, according to a long-awaited decision by the European court of justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg

  • Yes, I think so.

    UK companies would still be subject to Brussels, however UK/EU relations would take on a distinctly bilateral flavor instead of the old multi-lateral flavor of the old Common Market days. This would put the UK at more of a disadvantage relative to the rest of Europe when it comes to bargaining power, both in comparison to its pre-Brexit position in the EU and it's pre-EU position in the Common Market.Trade deals can be negotiated without remaining in the EU. Then other people get to have a say over what laws we can pass, which is precisely what you were whining about.

  • No: Close countries shouldn't ruffle feathers

    The EU delivering blow to UL snooper's charter destroys or decreases the equilibrium between the two communities. Unless it was necessary for advancement and survival, the EU shouldn't have done this as it is simply an exploitation of power and fear that in this day of age, we don't need.

  • They should have autonomy.

    It is never a good thing when countries try to enforce international law. Each state should have their own decisions and their own laws to enforce those decisions. With international law, countries can form coalitions of little groups. They can then use these little groups to control others. This hurts the entire world. The UK should be able to make their own decisions.

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