• Germany should send migrants back to Austria

    The social experiment currently taking place in Germany is turning out to be a well intentioned, but utter, disaster. While many take a moral stance that every country possible should take migrants in, the reality is that beyond the mere fact that a cultural clash is causing widespread problems, Germany simply can't afford it.

  • Germany should keep migrants

    I understand that countries can't accept everyone all the time. However, if people made it into the country they were aiming for, I think they should be able to stay. We need to have some compassion for people who are just looking to live a normal, safe, life. Its not like they are looking to be super rich or anything like that. They are just looking to have a stable life. Let them stay.

  • Germany should not send migrants back to Austria.

    Germany should not send migrants back to Austria. These migrants are in need of a place to go. They were unsafe before and now they have a sense of freedom.Sending them back to war-torn countries would be heartless and inhumane. There has got to be a better way. I look forward to seeing what Germany does.

  • Both countries shoul try to help

    Germany, as long as it is able, should help with the migrant crisis. Sending them all back to Austria will overburden that country. If the EU can establish a multi-country resettlement process, the strain will be shared more equally. Damaging one single country will eventually negatively affect the others. If all share, it will be less strain.

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