EU should continue to have strict gun laws but should make it easier for legitimated citizens with clean background checks to acquire guns.

Asked by: Fuljh56
  • We need to protect ourselves when no one else will.

    Europe has faced one of the toughest immigrant waves in the last 80 years, not only have we taken in too many immigrants for our governments to handle, these immigrants have in fact been in many cases terrorists that have struck our European union hard. My opinion is not trying to hate on these immigrants, I am fully aware that these people come from nothing but war and oppression. My thought process is simple, make it easier for legitimated European citizens with clean background checks to acquire guns within the EU in order to somewhat prevent a chaotic scene that were all familiar with at the moment in within the Europeans borders.

  • Strict gun laws

    We do not need or require guns for citizens in Europe unless of course we wish to follow the American model of 33, 000 gun deaths a year not counting accidents , of course Americans spout out the most disingenuous bullshit when defending the continued carnage in the U S , this is another “ franchise “ they can keep all for themselves

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