EU wiped Bankers' Bonuses: Will this referendum affect the common folk?

  • Where there's a will

    Anytime a cost or anything detremental can be trickled down to the little man, it is done. Fair? Not at all. Happens all the time? Definitely. There is something that rings true to the adage: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Whether common folks are hit with excessive charges or hit with higher interest rates, they will be paying for the guys at the top.

  • Referendum sure to affect the people

    The results of the British referendum are sure to affect the common man. Consequences of the decision are already displaying in the financial market so it would be naive to think that such changes would not affect the take home pay of the common man - especially those with significant debts.

  • Yes, it takes away motivation.

    The banker's bonuses is awarded to workers foe a job well done to increase the bank's profits. EU wiping out this bonuses will render these workers unmotivated and this may overall affect the books at the end of the year. For a common folk out there, no good services will be forthcoming from unmotivated worker.

  • Yes, the referendum will hurt common folks.

    The United Kingdom's referendum to leave the European Union has rattled financial markets, even wiping out bonuses for bankers. The results from the Brexit vote will mean that there will be less trade between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe; and that the Pound Sterling and Euro will both decline in value. This will result in less economic growth for Europe. Therefore, yes, the common folk will be hurt by the referendum.

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