European Common Agricultural Policy: Should the EU try to reduce unemployment among farmers?

  • Yes it is a good idea

    Of course reducing the unemployment among farmers is a good idea and if they can do it they should. However I don't see it as something that is truly going to get accomplished. I think there are too many obstacles in the way and the price will be more then the value.

  • EU Needs to Reduce Farmer Unemployment

    Without a doubt, the European Union needs to focus upon lowering unemployment among the region's farmers. Unemployment is high in this industry, and more needs to be done to protect the farmers of the EU. Having so many people unemployed can only cause further headaches for the European Union today.

  • The EU should reduce unemployment

    The EU should reduce unemployment among farmers by sending jobless farmers back to school and to work on other farms by working out agreements with schools and farms. This could lead to greater productivity and innovation. The EU would do well to reduce unemployment by making use of currently jobless farmers in professions they know.

  • I think so.

    I think that it is good to try to reduce unemployment amongst any group of people. Farmers are definitely an important group to our society. Obviously we need farmers to have enough fruit, vegetables and grains to eat. That makes their jobs and their employment vitally important in my opinion.

  • More Farms Better for Environment

    More farms are better for the environment, especially if Europe can employ more organic farmers. Cash crops for food and even for biofuels can only help modern humans where there are food shortages. More food from farms means food prices will also drop as there is more supply to keep up with demand. The only difficulty is finding land to have the farmers use for crops and livestock.

  • Trends in food production indicate it would be beneficial for the EU to try to reduce unemployment among farmers.

    Current food trends are moving toward the embrace of fresh, locally grown produce and livestock rather than manufactured pre-packaged foods manufactured in facilities or food that is imported from other places. As people continue to place higher value on locally grown food, the need for farmers will increase. By working as a whole to resolve the issue of unemployment of farmers throughout the EU rather than as individual nations, more money can be spent on programs that help employ local farmers and reduce the amount of unemployed farmers more quickly.

  • They're out produced

    The EU farmers are being out produced by their counterparts throughout the world, and paying even more for food that is already less efficiently produced just adds a further layer to the waste. The EU's bans on GMOs in all their forms means that the food they produce is lesser, and takes more to make.

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