European Defense Force: Is the development of an European Defense Force the logical next step for a federalizing EU?

  • The Development of an European Defense Force

    The questions here is what the next step is for Federalizing EU. One could possibly assume and guess that the next step is to arm it, in other worlds, build a Defense Force to protect itself from foreign or unforeseen enemies or conflict that could possibly arise in the near future. Europe does have a history that is full of wars, so the logical step is to arm and defend itself, the right that every nation on earth should have.

  • Yes, a European Defense Force is probably coming next.

    I am not sure I am in favor of the EU and certainly nothing good has happened from every nation adopting the same monetary system, but the European Defense Force is the next logical step if they are deciding to work as one unified entity. I am not sure that this is a good idea, since we do not need more armies, but it is likely to happen.

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