European Parliament and Turkey relations: Should the European Parliament reopen talks with Turkey?

  • The European Parliment should reopen talks with Turkey.

    Turkey's proximity to the turmoil in the Middle East makes its stability vital. If the violence in the Iraq, Syria and the greater Middle East spill over into Turkey, then the violence in the Middle East will be on Europe's door step. Reopening talks with may help keep Turkey remain sable and not be overcome by the violence in Iraq and Syria.

  • They should reopen talks.

    Talks should reopen with Turkey. While there might not be a threat for war, Turkey is close to Europe and they are probably a key ally in the Middle East. If relations sour between Turkey and Europe more refugees and migrants can come in while problems could become more complicated int the Middle East.

  • It's always good to talk.

    Even if nothing comes of it, it's always good to come to the table to talk. Instead of just reaching for weapons and fighting, it can delay or even prevent war to always have the door open. Finding some things to agree on is better than agreeing on nothing, and having innocent people and soldiers die.

  • No, I`m not sure about that.

    What the EU parliament should do is to ask for a permanent stop of the negotiations with a country which, in its large majority, does not share Europe's core values and principles. And yes, the reason behind that fact it is Turkey's main religion: Islam. It is time for the naïve and secular Europe to understand that either we embrace again the very foundations (Christian humanism, Greek philosophy and roman law) that made this small continent the most civilized one on earth or there will be more Brexit-like movements led by populist and nationalist charlatans

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