European social democracy: Is European social democracy a good model for government/society?

  • European Society A Good Model

    The European model is a good societal model for other countries to go by. The first and foremost is Universal Health Care. This policy does increase taxes but it is an amazing benefit to the citizenry and treats everyone with humanity. European societies also tend to have more freedom of press than other countries and a more representative democracy.

  • The European model of social democracy is increasingly unsustainable.

    The European model of social democracy works well when a country is homogeneous and prosperous but when this changes, as has happened over the past decade or two, then the system becomes increasingly unsustainable. Multiculturalism breaks down social cohesion and solidarity while testing the limits of tolerance. Economic downturn puts massive strains on the social system to the point where it is no longer able to cope, thus further increasing social tensions.

  • The European Model of social democracy is making their GDP per capita incredibly low.

    Every single country in Europe of a size bigger than 10000 km^2 (this weeds out near city states like Luxembourg) have a lower GDP per capita than the United States except for 3 countries. Out of those 3 countries(Norway, Iceland, Ireland), Norway has had a significant GDP per capita drop from 2014 to 2016. Iceland and Ireland have right wing governments.

    Socialism always works in the short term. However, it fails in the long term.

    Socialism is like a sprint whereas Capitalism is a fast jog. Which is a better strategy to run the marathon of human existence?

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