European Union constitution: Should the European Union adopt a single, written constitution?

  • For a more perfect Union

    The E.U. Has developed and grown over a period of more than 60 years. It is very stable and widely successful. There is no longer a reason for Europeans to be divided. Under one constitution, one banner, all Europeans should come together. A Single constitution will increase centralism, providing even more stability. Integration is the way to go, and I, as French citizen support a move towards a more unified Europe.

  • Europe Union and a Constiution

    The European Union should not adopt a constitution despite how well or how many problems they currently face. It is in a stage where everything is still very rough and people are traveling from countries to countries seeking jobs. Europe Union needs to be more firmly established and run more smoothly before any law or constiution takes place.

  • No Single, Written Constituion for the EU

    The European Union should not adopt a single, written constitution because they already have treaties with amendments similar to what a constitution would have. Additionally, some members of the European Union are against having only one document to cover such a variety of topics and that is not easily alterable when it needs to be.

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