European Union Expansion: Will EU expansion help spread democratic practices?

  • Yes, it has done so, and would continue to do so as well.

    The EU is founded on democratic principles and so far has kept Europe(Western at least) from going and warring with each other again, thus promoting peace and economic prosperity. Not to say there aren't problems with the EU and/or the Eurozone, be they economic, social or political, but overall, the EU has had a positive effect on the European continent, even if the current crisis is accounted for. Institutions like the EU are in the long term inevitable to come around anyways and it's good to see that Europe, even if with quite an amount of struggles, is leading the way in maintaining such an institution.

  • In fact, I would say EU expansion HAS helped spread democratic practices.

    Not just because EU member states hold elections to the parliament, but also due to the court of human rights defending ones right to vote and the reforms which had to be implemented in member states to ensure a more democratic and transparent process of governance. The EU furthermore, solidifies civil rights, democracy and the rule of law within its member states, which has benefited many across the continent.

  • Yes, if everyone gets involved.

    Churchill himself was for europe. Cons argue that europe is failing, or concentrated uniquely on the economy. I'm afraid that is because there are countries that are trying to wrench out only economic benefits from it (this does not only aim at England. Germany for the solar pannel affair and France for it's agricultural subsidies too are in the wrong)and are not developing the political side to the Union, because their populations have minor worries about losing cultural identity. Instead of playing the reassuring game, politicians play on the fear game to get elected, saying that europe cannot develop politically and socially. If a politician who people could actually look up to ever rises to power (Merkel almost goes the distance, Cameron is pretty bloody bad, and let's stay clear of Flan-cois Hollande...), he could possibly develop those aspects, and then we would have something that would put democracy first.

  • The European Union is hardly a democratic one.

    The European Union supersedes the wishes of people within member nations, allowing bureaucrats in Brussels to dictate them. An example of this is how where formerly relations with, say, the United States and Germany would be conducted by solely these two parties, but with the EU now relations must first go through the approval of the European Union. This is merely one way the European Union is sidelining democracy in an attempt to regain Europe's former influence on the world.

  • No, it is not a beacon of democracy.

    No, the EU expansion will not help spread democratic practices, because the EU's purpose is not to spread democracy. Some countries, such as Turkey, are being considered for the European Union, even though they are not particularly democratic. The EU is more concerned with economic issues, and that is fine, but their expansion cannot be expected to bring more democratic practices.

  • European politics expanding

    No I do not believe that the European Union expansion will spread democratic practices. I believe the European Union is failing in all aspects of democracy and when world currency fails democracy is hopeless anyways. The European union will not spread democracy. That is my opinion and I believe my argument supports it.

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