European Union: Is the European Union and its supranational model a good idea?

  • Together we thrive, divided we die.

    How can one possibly make a good argument for the fragmentation of nations, the european union is a utopian idea that perhaps has overdone itself with the implementation of the Euro currency although in theory it does sound good. I think as a continent we should be together now more than ever, our armed forces, our cultures, and our people should all intermingle, lets stop thinking of ourselves as small independent nations trying to scream as loud as we can on the world stage and instead join together, and be able to project our power globally as The EU, a union of nations with the same principals, and ideas committed to the same goals. The will talk of the EU as a hub of culture, science and power.

  • Supranational Organization is the First Step

    Supranationalism is simply the first step on the way forward towards international union and world peace. While still allowing individual sovereignty of nations, the granting of powers to an international body by nations in a way that allows it to have power and strength is a model for cooperation between nations. While eventually the way forward is through a federalization of this power, in the meanwhile this model is a stepping stone towards that brighter future.

  • International Cooperation is Necessary

    We live in an increasingly global community and international cooperation is increasingly necessary for the world to function. Because of increased communication and transportation the world is getting smaller and different nations have a greater impact on other regions, so supranational models like the European Union are both important to proper coordination and the way of the future.

  • Corruption and waste of money

    The EU is an anti-democratic bureaucracy where the European Parliament create stupid and corrupt laws. For example the countries that are more powerful such as France make laws on free trade and what bananas we can and cannot sell in order only to better their country not all the other ones.
    The fairest government in Europe seems to be Switzerland which is one of the few countries not in the union.
    They also are responsible for the economic crisis going on in Europe.
    Also they demand too much money from Britain just because we are doing well. Why should our work, our money that we made be given to some other foreign country. We give so much money in and get not much out. They force us to higher our taxes. Taxes should be low as possible as they are immoral and theft and blackmail even though being a necessity. The E.U is bad and if voting for U.K.I.P even though I disagree with some of their policies is what it takes than so be it but can people not see that we need to leave immediately in order for our economy to survive and prosper?

  • Good idea on paper, Bad when put to use.

    The European Union is, for lack of better terms, a mishap experiment. What started out as an act to bring the continent closer together economically failed when they tried to unite it politically. As such, the sovereignty of individual nations are being superseded by bureaucrats in Brussels. However, some parts of the EU are good and I think should be retained by the nations of Europe, such as the open borders between each other and the single currency, but the hijacking of national sovereignty and self-determination needs to go.

  • Supranational Model is Not a Good Idea

    The supranational model that the European Union has is not a good idea. It does not allow all states to be treated equally. It also does not give equality to its citizens because the states vote. The supranational model harms any democratic potential that the European Union could have. Many decisions are also made by government officials in secrecy instead of being brought up to the public to find out what their opinions are.

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