Europe's Schiaparelli probe has been determined to be destroyed: Should efforts continue to study Mars?

  • To a certain extent

    I think space exploration and study are worthwhile pursuits, but not at the expense of public welfare. If there's enough funding to do so, we should, but if funding space exploration takes essential funds from other areas such as education and other public benefits, then it's not worth it. If other areas are covered, sure we should explore space.

  • Yes, efforts should be continued to study Mars.

    Yes, efforts should be continued to study Mars. Space travel and exploration is an important endeavor to understand our place in the universe and how our planet will evolve into the future. It is also important to continue to search for and communicate with extraterrestrial life, instead of letting it sneak up on us like War of the Worlds.

  • Yes, we should continue to study Mars.

    There is a lot that we can learn from Mars. While it is true that it is costing a great deal of money to study Mars, that does not mean that the expense is not worth it. Scientific exploration, whether privately or publicly funded has helped to advance the human race in numerous ways.

  • Mars is the next key site of exploration.

    Mars is the closest planet to Earth and is believed to have once been the home of large bodies of ocean. Therefore, examination of Mars could turn up the first evidence of life outside our planet. Investigation into extra-terrestrial beings, even if they are only single cell organisms, could prove invaluable to humanity. Therefore, the study of Mars is incredibly important for human knowledge.

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