• My mom died of cancer and no one should die in the pain she was in!

    My mother died of Ovarian Cancer in 2000 and she died in terrible pain! The doctors who took care of should have been allowed to take her life and not get in trouble for it! I think every terminal cancer patient should be able to die how they please! I wish to this day my mom would have had the right to die! It is so painful to watch her slip downhill day after day and we couldnt help her!

  • Suicide Isn't Illegal

    Euthanasia should be legal under certain circumstances, such as a terminal illness. The patient must be lucid when signing a legal agreement that outlines specific criteria for performing the euthanization. No one wants to live in excruciating pain for years. Patients should have the right to decide when enough is enough. Killing oneself with a gun isn't illegal, so why should euthanasia be limited?

  • People have the right to choose when they die.

    People, particularly those who are terminally ill, must endure a of pain as their bodies deteriorate. Furthermore, they lose their dignity as they lose the ability to function independently. These people deserve the opportunity to choose not to endure so much pain and to die with dignity. Loved ones who truly do not want to see them suffer should support them. To not do so is very selfish.

  • How do we know they are in the right mind?

    When people are terminally ill, they are affected by the pain on their body, but they are also mentally affected as well. They could not be in the right mind while the hope to live is there. We must always continue hoping for a cure and never give up freedom.

  • Here's a good one.

    The right to die is granted. Suddenly, a lot of rich old guys are put down under their rights.
    Then it turns out they were ruled legally incompetent by their heirs, who then had them offed.
    Then, a bunch of poor old guys have that right assumed by the State, and when they fall ill, are put down instead of treated.
    That power would be too easily abused.

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