Evanston Police: Is the Evanston Police Department guilty of racial profiling?

  • They need some training.

    Most police departments are guilty of racial profiling, and the Evanston Police Department is guilty of it too. Likely, these officers have a pre-determined notion of who belongs in their society. They need more diversity training, and training on how to recognize crime, not just race. They see easy targets, and they don't care about justice.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The problem here is that this is a 13 year old child, who was unduly arrested for riding his bike, and who also happens to be black. If this had happened to either of you, you would have wet your pants and cried like a baby! Unfortunately, it happens all too many times for black men. If the suspect were described as white, the police would not go around arresting any young white child that fit that description.

  • Yes, i agree

    This is very true. Evanston Police Department is actually guilty of racial profiling. This is evidenced from the recent case that was racial discriminating. This is not the right thing to do. I believe that we are all equal despite our races. Hence, the police have to focus on the cases and not races.

  • Tough, but I don't think so

    This is a prime example of a case that has so much grey area, you don't know what to believe. The description of the suspect was so vague, the police could have went after almost anyone. "Black male wearing blue cargo shorts" could probably fit many males that day. Couple that with the search being done in a predominantly black neighborhood, something like this was bound to come up. Unfortunately this happened to a young boy who now has to live with this experience, but if he fit the description, I can't really discredit EPD for pursuing him. Of course it would have been handled better around the kid's house and parents, but that is said with a lot of these interactions. EPD can learn from this situation to better themselves in the future, but I do not think this is racial profiling.

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