Even Chrissy Teigen won't pay: Are $87,000 ringside tickets a sign our culture has a skewed value system?

  • Very skewed value system

    Our culture has a very skewed value system. When ringside tickets cost $87k and celebrities don't even want to pay that much, it shows that our culture is over-valuing the culture of entertainment. Either that, or corporations are just too greedy to realize that ticket pricing has gotten ridiculous and many people will just stay home.

  • That is a crazy fee!

    I would not pay for seats to an event for $87,000. In some states that is the cost of a house! I would use the money to buy a couple of cars, or pay off my bills and save it. I would not be so wasteful of money even if I was a millionaire! I agree with her choice.

  • Some people value the tickets very much.

    They could not be selling $87,000 tickets unless someone was willing to buy them for that much. If someone wants to pay thousands of dollars for a ringside seat, then that is their right. Most people would not value the ticket enough to pay that much, but that doesn't mean it is wrong.

  • No, our society doesn't have a skewed value system, the super rich do

    In a free market economy, which, despite its flaws, is almost always more successful than a centrally controlled economy, the value of a commodity is what someone will pay for it. In all likelihood, over 99% of Americans would think a $87,000 ringside ticket price is ridiculous and wouldn't pay it. If someone would, well, it's a shame that that person apparently thinks that spending so much on a single seat for one event is a better use of the money than all of the other options available.

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