Even though he says he will, do you think Trump would actually cut taxes for the top 0.1%?

  • Rich people like low taxes

    Donald Trump would most definitely want to cut taxes on the top one percent of income in the county. He is one of them, and it would benefit his friends. He would also want to cut taxes for the bottom one percent. He would cut taxes for eveyone. Then, file bankruptcy like he has for many of his companies.

  • Trump will help the wealthy because he is wealthy.

    There is a saying that goes, "Birds of a feather flock together" and one way I interpret it is that the rich help the rich. Trump is extremely wealthy and in the top 1% and because of this I think that he will help out those relating to him. In the same way I think that this is why people like Bernie Sanders because he seems like he is an "average" American and therefore would cater his policies to the average American

  • Trump would advocate a tax decrease.

    Donald Trump understands Business economics. He went to a noted school and applied what he learned in that school to keep his businesses running afloat and profitably. He understands the ebb and flow of finance and understands the top earners are those who started with high risk, often putting up their own money as risk to create employment for those who take no financial risks.

  • Because Trump is a Republican and Rich

    Trump is a republican and many republicans believe that the richest people pay too much in taxes. He is also extremely rich and he probably feels that he and his cohorts pay too much taxes as well. So I think he will likely try to convince congress to pass a tax cut for the richest people.

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