• Thank you, BrianTheLiberal.

    And Stefy. And Adam2isBack. And others.

    Specifically Brian, though. I enjoy having ridiculous back-and-fourths with him (always on the topic of ethnicity) to the point where we're (mostly him) insulting each other in between each point.

    Part of me wishes there were "sanction" type groups on this site, specifically starting flame wars against others, and if any stumble across a member of another sanction in the polls or forums or on comments in a debate, immediately all hell would break loose. That would make this site even more enjoyable. I love having lasting feuds with member(s), but I don't go out purposely looking for trouble.

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  • Honestly I'll give Imabench some credit -- he does love "Seinfeld"

    Thus making our feud more enjoyable. He can love "Seinfeld" like I do all he wants. I still hate him. He gives new meaning to the phrase, "The man who loves 'Seinfeld' like you can also be your worst enemy." But he makes the feud more fun. And he started it not me.

  • Thank you AntiConservative12

    Yup there is an antime oh well it wasn't be the first blood feud and it won't be the last. I am not joking someone made an account and sent me a very threatening message about animal rights (I am a heavy critic of the movement and believe in things such as unregulated animal testing and domesticated animals having rights equivalent to that of a rock). I responded but they never got back to me, it kind of made me sad that they never got back I wanted to see just how blinded this individual was by their emotions. Oh well this enemies had no way of finding me in real life and thus is irrelevant (some are potential hazards in my life but in reality the threat they pose is low).

    I really don't care how many enemies I have, even if I stand alone if I know what I am standing for it right I will stand tall.

  • Ive never had any worthy competition so I wouldnt know

    Feuds are only enjoyable when the person you are feuding with actually knows how to fight back and isn't completely pathetic. Adam2 however is capable of only making himself look bad and look like a massive baby, as evidenced by how he actually made this opinion. Im sure he will only make himself look worse in the comments section of this very post, he does all of my fighting for me ;D

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neoryan1 says2015-09-17T19:33:59.567
You both seem too immature to properly discuss serious topics.
Vox_Veritas says2015-09-17T20:53:27.043
I sense a ban coming...