Ever have some A$$HOLE send a message, via friend request, just to give you some grief?

Asked by: LittleBallofHATE
  • It happens a lot

    Especially when you happen to have a reputation for driving people up a wall, but hey, haters gonna hate. Sometimes its nice to troll them back within the pm since its private and all, but other times you could just ignore it and delete the message. Like i said, haters gonna hate

  • Yes. I have.

    It's happened a few times. My best advice is to just ignore them. I responded to one, and they responded back with some nasty crap. I told him I didn't want to hear from him anymore and blocked him, but he was still able to message me. I wound up reporting them. Wonder if they'll do anything about it?

  • Yes, my own Step-Mother

    She messaged me on all my devices that I ruined the family, and my dads life. She says she's sorry and didn't mean it, but still continues to do it all the time, including this morning before I went to school. She wonders why I don't talk to her anymore! :)

  • It pretty common

    Its something that happens and I have taken the decision since last time to just ignore it. I will friend the person but drive them insane by not responding. Its one of the reasons I am in favor of anonymous voting, as I have been accused before about some pretty bizarre stuff like you are voting against me because you are an atheist. No, I'm voting against you as you didn't debate as well.

  • I just learn

    I just learn and used to. I mean yes there are annoying people here. None of them have added me nor do I want them to. All the friends I have are people that have added me. I believe they are good people since none of them are annoying me. I am new maybe that's why? Who know? Hope you guys learn as well.

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