Ever known someone who you wanted to punch in the face?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Absolutely I have.

    Some people are just so rude and for no reason. They yell and get all upset if you walk I front of them and they think they're so great. Also some teachers. Also those really religious people that stand in the middle of the street during our community festival and say nasty offensive mean things.

  • The man in the pic

    I would love to punch him in the face in front of everyone for banning me off that site along with the other members who wanted that to happen to me. I think they deserve for that. F'n lame a-s orthodox views. I swear types like him and many Sodahead member I know deserve it.

  • Yes, I have/would like to.

    Their is this annoying kid in my advisory who is just a pest. He annoys every one and has to be constantly redirected. He tries to steal my books and when I am at my desk, he stands right by me, stares at me, and tries to pester me. I have already told my advisers, they correct him, then he does it again to me and other people. I have already grabbed his arm & twisted/pulled when he steals my pencil case but to just go ape **** on him would be nice but I do not want to get reprimanded for it.

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Kc1999 says2014-05-17T21:15:47.493
All members of the stand-up comedy group called the Democratic Party of the US