• Nobody should be held from doing something

    If girls have sexual attraction before they're women, then they should marry. They should procreate as soon as they can to increase the population of the human race.

    The world would be a happier place if girls married before they're adults. Nobody wants to be held from happiness. They might die and not have a change to marry before they're adults.

  • Allah created us to live in community

    It's the sunnah of life, Allah swt created us females and males to live together and help each other to fulfill our duties in this doniah, and also to spread the paroles of allah swt we need to be a force, in a second point, females are biologically in need of a male with her, like a male need a women with him to complete each other.
    But, statically there is more females than males, so how do we do to get "Every Girls Should be Married"?.

  • Ways to overcome many problem

    Nowadays, libel become more critical amongst human. One of the popular libel related to girls is adultery. By having a husband, the girl can avoid libel problem more than unmarried girl. For example, when an unmarried girl pregnant,their will be a lot of gossip or libel go around. There are many other problem related to unmarried girl but i cant describe all of them. Thats all from me,thank you

  • Yes because girls need a man to take care them.

    Girls cannot live without man also man can't live without the girl.They needed each other.Without the girls, man cannot manage their house.I sure maybe that house will be like `battlefield after a war`.If girls married, their husband can protect them for any dangerous and also their husband can take care them like give a residence and give them some money to buy anything.In Islam also, every girl should marry because to dodge a slander.

  • The power of Allah

    Allah the powerful. He knows what he do. He the one give us our match, make us die. Every things is beyond His power. If He said you don`t have a husband. Clearly, you will not get a husband. Whatever we ask for, He will decide our way. Plus, Allah will not test His creatures with something that he/she cant afford.

  • Children who was born will be a leader

    Girls should married to add a new generation that will lead the country. Imagine if women do not marry who will be the future generation. For example in manage the country, we cannot just expect the elder to lead the country. We need the new ideas from young peoples to develop our country. This children will help to continue our generation to lead the country. So, every girls should get married if they have a good person to be their partners in whole life.

  • Women are responsible for human reproduction

    Firstly, women are responsible for human reproduction,but only through marriage they can get children lawfully . For example, if many girls do not want to get married and have children ,which leads to many countries entered the aging society in which economic and social development is affected. So for social and human development , every girls should be married.
    In addition, girls are always weak and need man to protect and help them in life. So girls must to get married in order to get a legitimate partner to help them more happy. For example ,the girls who do not want to marry, sometimes she have to pay heave things like a man because no man to help her. Thus,for themselves ,every girls should be married.

  • For the future.

    Every girls have physically weak. This means that every girls must have someone to take care of her. We can't just depend on our parent. This is for our long term life. Even students also can get married if their partner ready to get married and take responsibility. When they get married, as a husband he can take care his wife. He can support her in finance or in achieve her goals.

  • It is depends on situation.

    Girls is a young woman. Young woman have some difficulties to live alone without anyone. They need someone in their life, even though they can stand on their own but they need someone in their life to take care of them. There are many things that girls want to share off but they can't share all the things with their parents and it will make them fell uncomfortable. Some parents like to manage their daughter life but sometimes they need a freedom. They will not be able to be more sociable in their life. If they got married, they can have a better life than before. They can go anywhere they like without thinking about cost or transportations and something like that. Its also can help them to save their money and can buy anything they want. They can enjoy their life with someone that they like or loved, so their life will be more interesting and more enjoyable.

  • More to agree. Depends on individual.

    Firstly, we cant deny that females are physically weak. I'm not saying they cant take care of themselves, but it is safer to have someone to protect them from any danger/ threat. Some of them have many things they want to achieve in their life, so married is not very important or necessary. In conclusion, married is not a matter of time. They should consider both advantages and disadvantages of married life and how ready they are to get married.

  • Just a piece pf paper

    A marriage license is just a piece of paper, if you truly love someone then you don't need to be married. Love should not be tied down to a legal document, if anything that makes the bond you have with your loved one less special in my opinion. I'm not against marriage if that's what you want but i do think it is way overrated.

  • Ummmm, no?? Asdhf

    That is a ridiculous question. Any person, man or woman, should not feel obligated to get married if they don't want to. Some people are perfectly happy being in a relationship for decades, even without marriage. So no, no one should be required to be married. This is also incredibly sexist, implying that a woman is weak and cannot take care of herself without a husband. Do you know who Ronda Rousey is? If anything, she'll be the one protecting her husband.

  • Every girl should have the right to be free.

    If a girl doesn't want to get married, then she doesn't get married. It would be her choice. Every girl should have the right to be free. It is simple if you think about it. Girls have tried to have their own rights, but that has not occurred. Every girl should have the right to be free.

  • It's person choice

    There are no reason for anyone to marry.

    Some people marry for love.
    Some people marry for sex.
    Some people marry for parents.
    Some people marry for fun.
    Some people marry for having kids.
    Some people marry because his/her neighbour is married.
    Some people marry because they want to settle.
    Some people.....Marry.....For some reason.

    It's completely person's choice.

    Now, why should you marry? I don't think anyone can answer that. Ask yourself. What do you want in your life? Don't marry for someone's sake. It's going to be your life. You should decide.

  • More to agree. Depends on individual.

    Firstly, we cant deny females are physically weak. Its not that they cant take care of themselves, but it is safer to have someone to protect them from any danger/ threat. Plus there are many benefits of having partner than spending time alone. Some of them have many goals in their life so they may think that married is not necessary. Based on the topic, it is not a matter of time when they should married, so basically they should consider the advantages and disadvantages of married life and how ready they are to get married.

  • No.Every girls have their own goals

    Because some girls have their own goals such as mother Theresa who sacrificed her life to help the poors,she wanted to do that. It not necessary for all girls to get married ,it depend on their goals and the life they prefer. Some girls want to life an ordinary life ,so they can get married happily

  • It depends on the indivigual.

    Although its traditional to assume that they should, if a woman has no interest in sex it makes no logical sense for her to be bound into a union where sex is the main objective.

    Also, if she doesn't want to have children , it makes no sense for her to get married.

    Lastly, if she isn't in love, it makes no logical sense for her to be bound to someone who she cannot be happy with.

  • It is not necessary

    Nowadays, with the implementation of innovation and technology, it is not necessary for girls to get married. We now lived in the 21st century, so education and our own carrier is more important than anything else. You can live by your own when you're an educated people and have own carrier. Then why you should depends on your husband? Girls should be more independent in their life. Girls should not be disclosed to the words of "married". Parents should attract their children to do something that will give a lot of benefit for their own sake before they're becoming an adults.
    Furthermore, girls should wait for the right time to get married. They cannot get married in the early age as they can missed a lot of opportunity when they become an adults. With todays technology, I don't think that every girls should get married. They should take the advantages of the innovation and technology to study about anything across the world with only using the online database. Girls needs freedom. Freedom to do anything that they're desire so much. Moreover, they should have chances to fulfill their own dreams and to determine what they want in their lives.
    Married as we all know is not an easy thing. They need to take a huge responsibility when they're married. They need to learn how to manage household even from the very basic one. It will completely change their characteristic and it'll be hard for teenager to suddenly become an adult. Girls shouldn't have wasting their life to get married. They should achieve their goals in their life before thinking for anything else such as married.

  • Personal choice is a necessary freedom

    In any country people should be allowed to decide for themselves what they want to do. Forcing marriage goes against the basic principles of free choice. So no, for the sake of freedom all women should not have to marry.

    I assumed you meant female but if you meant girls as in children that's a whole other kettle of fish. Pedophilia is a crime no matter how you put it. (Although age of consent is up for debate.)

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