Everybodies moralities contradict each others. But they all think theirs is objective. Is it? How do you know yours is right?

Asked by: steffon66
  • We're striving to achieve that objectiveness.

    Everybody's morals aren't contradictory to each other. If I say murder is right and you say it's wrong, then I'd have to ask if I'd liked to be murdered. Murder being involuntarily killed. Sane and rational people would not like to be murdered given that it's involuntary. Yes, we are learning.... From our ancestor's mistakes. Morality is a luxury of civilization. In the wilderness, survival is of the utmost, but it is only so because living for some greater happiness later is the highest good we could hope to obtain. The way we go about achieving that goal depends on which virtue we value more. It is not contradictory as it is a scale between a person's freedom and their safety.

    Do remember there's a difference between euthanasia, suicide, murder, etc.

  • Most peoples moralities cannot be objective because of the contradictions.

    If i say murder is right and you say its wrong then our moralities when it comes to murder cannot both be objective. Hope i dont have to explain that one but im sure i will to some of you on THIS site. Everybody thinks they know right form wrong. Thats why it takes so long for morality to change when our leaders come up with better morals. If we knew right from wrong all along our moralities would never have changed. The fact the our moralities are constantly changing proves that we dont know right from wrong but we are merely learning it. Its an inescapable fact. You can deny it but you cannot prove otherwise because youd be wrong.

  • No morality is "right"

    Everybody has a moral code that he/she lives by, and each one is different. When we say that something is moral or immoral, we are saying, "That's the way I feel about it". In some cases, moral judgments reflect universally agreed truths, murder and rape for instance. It gets complicated when it comes to social behavior such as abortion and euthanasia. Morality is a paradox when it comes to one person doing something they believe to be moral and another person disagreeing with them and standing in their way.

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