Everyone agrees bullying is a problem, but can teachers be the bullies?

  • Teachers can definitely be bullies.

    Let’s be clear. Bullying does not only apply to
    students. Any person that embarrasses a
    student in a public forum or public place can be considered a bully. Bullying does not have to be physical. I have personally seen students bullied by
    teachers and bus drivers. Things like
    this happen every day and are rarely reported.

  • Yes, teachers can be bullys by looking the other way

    In any school anywhere you will find conflict between students. This happens and is a normal part of society; however, children - who generally only have their home lives as reference for how to coexist and react to others - can often find themselves in situations where normal behavior to them is bullying to others. In this event, it comes down to the teacher to guide the students through this communication problem. If a blind eye is turned on the situation, the teacher is complicit.

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