Everyone hates Justin Bieber now, so do you haters give him a chance to become a better person again???

  • Everyone deserves second chances!!!

    Justin Bieber can be dumb sometimes but that doesn't mean that he will never change. He's a good guy and I got to hang out and talk to him once he can change. People like him would kill for a second chance why cant we give him one. I don't hate Justin but I just want most people to know he's not a bad guy he just has a temper ALOT of people do. And we learn how to control it he is learning how to control his. Just give him other chance easy at that.

  • I'm sorry, I can't.

    1. He's a pop singer. Without exception, I hate pop singers. Well at least, no exceptions come to mind.
    2. By rights he should be in jail. Some of the things he does are rather shady.....
    3. He asked for another chance previously. He then did the exact same things 3 days later. Really not giving us much motivation to give him another chance.
    4. Even by pop standards, his songs are awful. To not hate him would essentially be to set up civil war between my ear drums and the rest of my brain.

    I can't forgive him. Too bad on too many levels. And this is from someone who gave second chances to one person multiple times a week for over a year.

  • No, Absolutely not.

    Justin Beiber has proven again and again to be a CRIMINAL . And, yes Criminals get parole, however this is not exactly a second chance as the punishment has already been served. He is just another teenager trying to be a "Gangsta" by having a baby with Miley Cyrus and aborting it. What he hell. He has had multiple drug charges, assault charges etc. We should not make him exempt from punishments due to his celebrity status.

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difference says2015-11-03T15:07:14.757
Justin Bieber has nothing to prove.