Everyone in the EU except people in the UK will get free wifi. Was Brexit a bad move?

  • Yes, there are many reasons why Brexit was a mistake.

    Based on many interviews after the vote, I believe many people didn't really understand what they voting for and what the repercussions would be by leaving the EU. There was a belief that immigrants would be deported and jobs would be more plentiful. The reality though is that being a part of the EU makes a country stronger because there is a collective interest across Europe to help and support each other. The EU is about building a strong economic entity that can compete and work with the USA and China.

  • Yes, the Brexit vote was a bad move.

    Yes, the Brexit vote was a bad move by the majority of the voters in that referendum. This vote will ensure that the United Kingdom will be left behind in regards to both technological advances and social change. If the people of the United Kingdom wish to stay relevant, they should redo voting on this referendum.

  • Given the wide prevalence of free wifi in the UK, this doesn't seem important.

    The deal to offer free wifi access to European Union citizens will only extend to public places such as libraries. In the United Kingdom, the vast majority of libraries already offer this service. In addition to that, the mobile internet coverage in the United Kingdom and free services such as O2 wifi are widespread. Therefore, this does not seem like a major issue concerning Brexit.

  • Their economy is stronger.

    The United Kingdom was propping up the rest of Europe. Their economy was better, and their currency was better. The UK has done a good job managing their economy. Brexit was a good move because now the UK can decide for itself, when it used to have to convince the rest of Europe.

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