• Heterosexuality isn't normal, just common

    I'm not trying to say that everyone is bisexual; however I think sexuality is far more fluid and complex than we are lead to believe. Unfortunately the stigma attached to sexual experimentation means that most people (especially men) would never admit to their curiosity- let alone act on it. It might be the case that someone is bi-curious, but not to the extent that they actually want to act on it- because they know deep down that they are only sexually attracted to one gender. However I honestly believe the curiosity is still there for everyone- even if it's only a passing thought.

  • It is probable

    Nothing lies in the extremes of A or B anyways. If we place our Gender on one axis and the opposing gender on the other we'd have an acceptable scale. There're people who have both parts to be considered in the male and female on that scale and people who lack both parts, but that's an axis we don't need to worry about right now. Attraction to either the same or opposing gender can create another plane, and then throw a dart. See where it lands, and we can create a percentile of how "bi-curious" we are. The question then is how do we quantify such measurements ^^

  • Almost everyone is a little bi-curious here and there, even fantasizing about it.

    I was straight and discovered I liked girls my whole life so technically, I came out as lesbian. I've had 2 bfs and 1 gf.

    First off, I truly believe that sexuality is fluid. We may be genetically born to produce children and be "straight" but I think our hearts goes different ways.

    You may identify yourself as straight but that's just only a label. What do you REALLY like? You might like guys but once you try it with girls, you might reconsider. I think it's a matter of experimenting for once. Fantasizing about the same-sex isn't gonna change anything.
    We love people, correct? If we didn't focus on what gender they are, maybe we would be a bit more open to the idea of being bi or lesbian or anything else. That's when your heart decides to be open on loving people for who they are.
    On the other hand, sexuality isn't something you can change. No, I wouldn't want to force someone to be gay or bi. You can't just turn bi/gay. You can be willing to experiment and see where that goes.

    We're humans, not men or women. Labels don't define us. It's simply just a label, to organize us, to name us. But deep inside, we're merely humans, who have hearts and emotions and trust me, we love for WHO we are, not WHAT we are. Think about it. It might just change your viewpoint. See the world in a different way, it might impact your life positively.

  • Bi-sexuality is not universal, but bi-curiosity is.

    Even those who wholly reject homosexuality as immoral, can't help but think about and discuss gay sex. Because they are infinitely repulsed, and at the same time intrigued by this aspect of sex which they have always considered immoral.

    When I was in my teens, I never expected I would be a polysexual individual. I thought gays were icky. Then I grew up, realized I was being a prat, and decided to stop viewing the world from a binary perspective.

    Since then, I have discovered I quite enjoy sex with both men and women. It's just sex. Skin touching skin in a way that feels good.

    There is no inherent morality to it, and once you no longer morally vilify same-sex erotic contact, you quickly realize it can feel really, really good, and really very natural.

    I went from rigidly hetero, to polysexual, and all it took was a change in moral perspective, away from the right-wing demoniziation of non-heterosexual people.

  • Point of fact.

    Seeing that I have never thought about another guy in that aspect or would in any foreseeable future should conclude the answer. Though I am only speaking for myself, I am sure there are others who also share this view. Seeing that the question was "Everyone is Bi-Curious. True or false?" My answer is proof that the answer can only be "False" or "NO".

  • It is false:

    Human sexual fluidity actually eliminates the need for statements of "hard" sexual behaviors. Bisexuality, homosexuality, and heterosexuality are identifiers that do not work on a scale however it is rare and unlikely to be either A or B if the scale is presented and furthermore better substantiates and correlates to the past behaviors of humans and social norms relating to sex.

  • I'm not bicurious

    I have never had the slightest desire to be with another woman or been curious to what it would be like. However, my partner and I have had threesomes with a few different women. I do it because he likes it and wants me to, but I do not like or enjoy it at all. It becomes a mind over matter thing, an act. I'm pretty good at it, but wouldn't choose it for myself. (secret: i fake any and all orgasms when we have threesomes.)

  • Sexual Orientation Erasure

    I constantly hear about how labels are restraining and I think this "everyone is bisexual" argument is just another example of that. I'm a gay man and when I hear people say "Just because you like men doesn't mean you won't find a special woman who overpowers your sexuality. You're just being close-minded". I don't know who this magical woman is but that's not how it works. Women are both physically and emotionally different from men. Like anyone else I know a lot of fantastic women. My best friend, and one of the most perfect people I know is a woman. But yet the idea of being with her still feels very unnatural. Since I don't want to be with a woman and men are the only people who I feel attracted to I feel most liberated identifying as exclusively gay. I'm not surprised by homophobia from heterosexuals, but it's bizarre hearing this theory from a bisexual.

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