• Yes,everyone is born equal

    We all have blood flowing through our veins,we all have feelings and needs.Whether you are royalty or a beggar on the street I believe everyone should be treated equally with no discrimination because of status,race or any material wealth whatsoever.All that matters and should matter is that we are all human beings. If animals can live together in harmony why can't we?We have the ability to think unlike creatures in the jungle,yet they no more about peace and equality than us.

  • Everyone is equal.

    They can't control which family they are born in. Poor or rich, countries, skin colour, whatever. They can't control these factor, it isn't their fault if they are born in bad families and poor countries. There fore, everyone is born equal. No mater who they are and where they are from

  • Everybody should be equal but not everybody born equal

    No because, of social, economic etc factors such as being born into wealth VS being born into poverty that alone can tell you we are not born equal. Someone born into generational wealth has more opportunities, access to the best healthcare, the best schools, so on and so forth.. And are more privileged pretty much.

  • Yes they are not born equally

    Our every cell is diff rent our finger prints are different. Even our appearance are different. Some of us have lot of problem .Like less money because of that many people face so many problems so that why life will become different so life is not same so how can we say that we are born equal

  • As the question is worded, the answer is no.

    People around the world are not born equal in the physical, mental, social, economic or legal sense.

    Some people are born with physical or mental illness and disabilities while others are not.

    Some people are born into wealthy families and others are not.

    Some people are born in countries that legally respect individual rights and civil liberties, like the USA or South Africa; while others are not, like people born in North Korea or Somalia. (

    Some people are born into higher social classes than others. I.e. Prince George VS me.

    Though the answer to the question is no, I do believe that every person born ought to be equally respected as a living individual.

  • Only Legal Equality, At Best

    Equality is a vague term when applied to humanity, and can be used in multiple different ways. Physical equality would imply that everyone is exactly identical, an absurd notion that no-one actually advocates. Social equality is the idea that we SHOULD treat everyone as if they were the same, regardless of physical differences. This is an idyllic goal, but it certainly does not exist on Earth, because discrimination is impossible to completely eradicate. The best we can realistically hope for, therefore, is equal protection under the law. This, however, poses its own problems, because physical differences such as gender do exist and must be accounted for. In such cases, fairness does not always mean equality.

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What_Ali_Thinks says2015-03-18T00:46:40.253
I think you should provide more information about what you mean. The question just sounds misleading . If you are referring to children born with a type of disorder or deformity than I guess the answer would be "no".