• It's actually entertaining

    It's true that they aren't the first people to do a react channel but has that ever stopped anyone? The answer is no because there are so many youtubers that weren't the first people to do something such as Smosh games, Markiplier, Pewdiepie and more weren't the first people to play games and post it. I personally like the Fine Bros and find them fun to watch because of who they interview and what games they play.

  • They were not the first

    There is a video out there called '"Elders react" that was made a few weeks before the react world video. They are not the inventors of react and it is a crazy , greedy seem for them to do this. TBH their videos are not even funny. They are just tring to make money not entertain.

  • Taking other people's content, reacting to it, then copyrighting that format because it is "theirs." Um, no.

    They were not the ones that created react videos, nor do they have any right to claim that "format."
    It's like if Pewdiepie decided he owned the let's play format. Imagine how stupid that would be! I believe they deserve the backlash they're getting for thinking that they could unfairly take advantage of other Youtubers trying to make a living because they are the most popular ones with that format of video.
    Seriously, they should be supporting other Youtubers instead of trying to screw them over.

  • No, it is unfair.

    Their format is so basic that it’s unfair of them to claim it as their own. This is ridiculous. They are far from the first people to record someone’s reaction to a video and upload it to youtube, and for them to claim that they are is nonsensical. And trademarking the word ‘react’? They’ve gone way too far. Something about their assertion that this will be a cultural hallmark 100 years into posterity bothers me. Somehow I doubt there’s going to be so little happening between now and then that their particular YouTube channel is going to make it into the history books.

  • The Fine Bros should back

    I think the Fine Bros are a bunch of stupid greedy people. They wanted to claim a piece of culture as their own when it is so widespread over the population. They steal content and they complain that people do the same stuff that they do, it is completely moronic.

  • You can't trademark the concept of reaction videos.

    The anger at the Fine Bros. stems from the fact that they attempted, despite their disclaimer, to place a broad claim on a video's concept rather than its content. Reaction videos have been around long before the Fine Bros. and will be around long after they leave. This is akin to if PewDiePie or Markiplier had attempted to trademark video game playthroughs.

  • It goes against what makes YouTube so great

    If "React World" were allowed to happen, they would practically have a monopoly over reaction videos. They already seem to have this idea in their heads that they own reaction videos and since that's becoming more of a trend as of late they're looking to cash in on that just because they're a big name channel. This severely limits the freedom of expression that you can mostly find on YouTube killing one of the big reasons why it's such a good platform.

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