• Sonicbro2000 is just a troll

    After his post "Should parents allow children to watch pornography" I think it's pretty clear this person is a troll. I also took a look at this persons debate and he argues for things like child pornography and he's a lunatic (probably an old pedo) Who literally cannot be reasoned with. If anyone decides to respond to his post or debate him don't waste your time like i said he cannot be reasoned with and he's probably just some pedo who wants child porn and he thinks arguing all day on debate. Org is gonna make child porn legal so he can get it. With numerous logical fallacies

    “Never argue with stupid people, They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. ” - Mark Twain

  • Hi I’m bully maguire

    What’s wrong with children watching porn or child sex trafficking? Doing it in doobiego is the most fun thing ever you should try it in fact that’s the only reason why bully maguire likes to play doobiego with children let’s be honest for child trafficking lol. Yes people doobiego is a child trafficking thing

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