Everyone should be allowed free speech, And denying radicals free speech just adds to their radicalization

  • Everyone has the right to free speech.

    Everyone has the right to free speech.
    1. The best way to defeat bad ideas is with good ideas. People are less likely to believe bad ideas if those bad ideas are fully understood, Debated with, And engaged. If a stupid idea isn't engaged it could seem like the people who disagree are afraid of engaging it, Lending credibility to the idea.
    2. People who feel heard are less likely to turn to violence and acts of terror. They can get there ideas out there and gain a following through peaceful means. This is far less dangerous than allowing people to feel embittered and alienated.
    3. Free speech is protected for a reason. If we deny free speech to those we disagree with whether they be on the right or on the left, Then we will in turn have our free speech restricted and taken away from us. Regulating speech is a slippery slope and the government ought not to be given that power.
    These are some of my main reasons for being in favor of free speech for everyone.

  • Free speech is the backbone of democracy

    If we don't have the ability to say what we want, That is an infringement of our first amendment, In doing so, A radical might turn that over and use that to back their opinion, Oh and just for clarification, I mean radicals on both sides, That means Antifa, QAnon, BLM, Communists, Neo-Nazis, Anarchists exd.

  • 1st Amendment shouldn't protect terrorists

    Think about it, Yelling "fire! " in a crowded building is a crime because it may lead to people getting hurt. Leftist radicals who call for the murder of their opponents should be held to that same regard. It should be illegal for blm/antifa supporters to call for violence because it will lead to people getting hurt and property damaged by marxist terrorists. It is especially dangerous when liberals dox those who don't agree with them.

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Anonymous says2021-05-11T14:34:57.123
I believe in free speech. But since you made the thumbnail about social media, I have to say that social media can do whatever they want with what people say, Since social media is a private industry, Which means they're not affiliated with the government on how they're run, They don't have to follow what the Constitution says about free speech. Also, Social media is global, Why would Twitter have to follow one country's document but not the others?

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