Everyone should get elite royale pass free in Pubg

  • Yes we need bcoz we r students n we don't have a money to buy

    We support u bcoz if someone doing good thing than we have to support that thing n really happy u will give us a royal in pubg as a free bcoz we can't buy u no that's y we r here for searching for free royal pass in pubg thank u

  • Yes! Should Get It.

    Every player should get Elite RP for free. . . May be not just like that but with advancement in the game, Lavel & Rank push ups. . . Not by paying and buying it. . .
    Players who cannot afford or don't have option of buying gets deprived of the rewards & finds little less charm in gaming. . .

  • Yes yes yes

    Otherwise, All the people in fancy skins hate on all us defaults. It is a kind of bullying you know. It also happens in fortnite, Where ice kings, Omegas, Ragnaroks, Reapers, Dires, Black knights and all other skins just think that defaults are terrible because they don't have skins or pickaxes or back blings

  • Yes Of course

    Rich people who play pubg can easily get elite royal pass for Rs 800/- and purchase outfits, Weapon skins, Helmet skin, Bag skin. And poor peoples who play good cannot afford elite pass costing 800.
    My opinion is to give every player free pass.
    Guys Support Me Please.
    Thank you.

  • No to elite pass free in pubg

    U children are trash at he game and u should not have free shit and play the game without the god dam use of cosmetics d
    d dd dbn g gg g g vg g gg g gg g g ggg gg g g gg gggvg g v

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