Everyone Went Nuts When Goldberg Returned To ‘WWE Raw’: Will he revitalize the sport?

  • Yes, he will.

    Yes, Goldberg will revitalize the sport. The fact that people went nuts over his return to 'WWE Raw' indicates that his presence alone is drawing attention. Some personalities are like that -- they are magnets that draw attention. This individual seems to be that kind of personality. He can draw people back.

  • Yes, he will revitalize the sport.

    Yes, he will revitalize the sport because he has one of those personalities that fans of wrestling love. He has proven he is one of the best wrestlers alive and is such a fan favorite that people will come back to the sport. He is very positive for the future of wrestling.

  • No, he will not.

    He might bring in some new fans, and bring back some old ones, but the WWE is not going to get huge. It will have the same number of fans that it always has had. It might be come trendy for a few years at some point, but now does not seem to be that time.

  • WWE is a trivial, old-fashioned sport. Goldberg's return won't make any difference.

    Everyone Went Nuts When Goldberg Returned. The headline conveys very well the nature of WWE as entertainment rather than sport. No doubt Goldberg's return will have a temporary effect on ratings, but in the long run WWE is doomed. It isn't a sport, and as entertainment it is out of date. Goldberg's return will not be enough to change this.

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