Everything is True Until Someone Says it Isn't

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  • Maybe. Here is why

    Until we have proof that something does not exist, we don't know for sure. I could say that out in space somewhere there is a three headed turtle which also happens to be the color purple, and until you can prove to me that this 3 headed turtle does not exist, I can think that it does. Opposingly, I for instance, don't believe in alien life in space. But a lot of people do. We have no proof that aliens exist, but we have no proof that they do not. We have millions of planets still yet to be found and maybe there is a whole army of aliens out there. But me not believing in aliens is an opinion. There is no factual statement that they do not exist

  • If thought is phenomena then the statement is correct.

    If thought is phenomena, then what I believe is real thus making it true in my mind and my own perception of the world around me. In a superficial sense, whatever I believe to be true without my belief in that particular idea being repudiated is real in my mind since thoughts are in many senses of the word real.

  • For all I know, yes

    To the person perceiving it as real it is real. Unicorns are real until he is expressly disproven or told otherwise. It's not just speculation, it's pretty much fact. If I believe Santa is real, for me he is real and thus real in my conception of reality. If someone explains why he isn't real then he stops existing in my context, but he still exists in millions of other people's minds

  • Why of course!

    In everything I do, I'll be super confident in myself, then all of a sudden some mean person comes up and crushes my dreams. And I very much supported and followed my dreams! BTW Just this afternoon my twin sister and I had the cross-country finals and I told myself I could win it for once because my sister always beats me and then, my friends doubted me and my dreams! I won second... To her. :( So there you go! Think positive! Say "YES!"

  • Fact isn't based on vocal expression.

    Any person could make any claim about many scientifically proven things that no-one has specifically said isn't true and still be wrong. For example, if I said that an elephant is only 1 atom large and no-one has ever specifically said it isn't, then I am still wrong and it is impossible for this statement to be correct.

  • Yes side? LOL!

    Guys fyi this debate is probably the dumbest yet. Thankfully for the no side, I, Youtuber Pro895, am here to defend them. You need actual proof in order to assume something is right or wrong. For example, there is proof that Bill and Hillary Clinton are drunks thanks to the live footage of them drinking alcohol together!

    -Pro895, King of MLG

  • The statement is nonsensical.

    Even setting aside its denial of any objective reality, it flat-out violates the law of non-contradiction. Unicorns cannot both exist and not exist. A tree in the forest cannot both have fallen and have never fallen . Yet the statement implies that all predicates are true prior to anyone saying differently, whether or not the predicates are mutually exclusive. As such, it is a logically impossible, non-rational statement.

  • Truth is Absolute

    Permit the following concept to exist: There is an absolute truth to everything.
    Working off that, it's clear that regardless of how someone vibrates their vocal cords, this does not affect the state of truth of the idea in question. It is up to us to determine what that absolute truth actually is, and until it is either determined true or false (and even afterwards), there is still an absolute truth that exists.

  • Then it was never the "Truth" from the beginning

    People get words and their meanings so confused. We live on an Earth that is not guaranteed to last forever so most of the truth we will experience is in the present. That car is red. My eyes are blue. My stomach hurts. There are also moral truths. It will never be good to eat unhealthy foods, to lie, to steal, to murder.

    If at anytime a truth can be disputed with hard indisputable facts then the truth wasn't really "the truth" it was just a theory or hypothesis.

  • It's All About What You Believe

    The thing about this is, the statement could be reversed too. Is everything true until someone says it isn't or is everything false until someone says it's truth. For me, it's all about what you believe. People lie. They could say it's truth when it's not. They could say it's not true when it is. I'm a cynical person. I rely on myself to figure what's true and what isn't. It's all a matter of gut instinct and belief.

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  • That is not true, but again, it is

    Before anyone makes a critical judgement explicit to those who believe that falsities don't exist, there is no distinction (why would they need for a distinction?) between facts, truths, and falsities, thus only statements can exist. Though if the OP meant "True" as in the irrefutable truth that precludes all skepticism, then yes, nothing is bound to the constant fluctuation of distinction between facts, truths and falsities, until the possibility of something "True" being false, is suggested, then only can the trinity of facts, truths and falsities can exist.

    Take the movie, "The Invention of Lying", for instance.

  • Not everything is true. Therefore the truth cannot be denied with one side.

    First of all, not everything is true. If everything was true, we wouldn't be where we are now that is, the earth and its population. For example, if someone says a zombie exists, that is not true but if someone adds on and says it doesn't, you can't believe that without proof.

  • That's just one side of all the different points of views.

    I can say everything isn't true until someone says it's true. It isn't really all or nothing. You can perceive it that way but that's if you choose to adapt to the outside world until someone comes in to question something. I think it's more of an opinion than a fact.

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This is not true because I say it is not.