Evolution has disproved modern-day Creationism.

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  • God of the gaps.

    Really, evolution has enough evidence to be fully proven. It is only a scientific theory because it is still obtaining evidence, such as new fossils. Let me tell you how fragile evolution is. If one sabre tooth tiger fossil was found in a layer of earth below an T-rex, the entire evolutionary theory would fall apart. This has never happened. Despite the small amount of evidence needed to disprove evolution, it remains undisproven. The only evidence against evolution are either things that evolution has no response to, such as Abiogenesis, or things that aren't against evolution, only pointing out things it has yet to prove.

  • This isn't even a question, it's common knowledge to any educated person.

    In all fairness I will give credit to old earth creationist because they at least realize there is no possible way that everything in the archaeological record happened in 6000 or even 10,000 years. However there is no way to deny the amount of evidence in the fossil record, as well as DNA evidence that supports evolution. The only reason people keep talking about it like it's a theory on a piece of paper with little to no evidence is because they don't understand what a theory is. Such as the widely sited theory of gravity, that science can't without a doubt say is true despite the huge amount of evidence that supports it. The same goes for evolution and people need to stop thinking it's a theory in the context of how society uses the word theory. Further more creationism is a pseudoscience at best, that uses false logic and very skeptical data to make huge conclusions. The seashells on the top of Mt. Everest are there because of plate tectonics that pushed what was ocean floor up into the tallest mountain range in the world when India collided with Asia. Also those who say a number of different canyons around the world are evidence of a huge flood are very delusional as to the amount of water on the earth and how the earth is eroded overtime not all at once. Last but not least let's be real creationism isn't a science it's just a religion based idea that is in no way applicable to modern science.

  • Not a single argument or proof from any religion

    Whether science is considered a religion is up for debate, but regardless, Science is the answer to life and why we exist. I liken religion to that of Santa Clause except children are smart enough to eventually figure out Santa Clause doesn't exist. Adults continue to believe in ridiculous stories and blindly follow whatever faith they believe. Religion was founded to maintain order among people thousands of years ago. Religion still helps maintain order but many generations from now now, as Science advances and fewer people believe in the unbelievable, future generations will look back at how foolish religious people were just as we do today for Mayans who sacrificed people with the belief that the God's would bring rain. Mindless.

  • Evolution has more evidence

    Evolutionists have been able to cite more evidence in favour of their propositions than have creationists, modern day or otherwise. Darwinian evolutionists have been able to cite geological and palaeontological discoveries amongst their supporting arguments. Fundamentalist extremists from the Republican Party and other right-wing organisations have a compilation of fictional tales from over 2 millennia ago, a compilation that has been defiled over the years by way of faulty translations. The same book also purports that virgins can give birth without their claimed virginity being a lie. Evolution has no such errors, and is evident in the development of species.

  • The Most Well-supported Scientific Theory in Science

    Evolution has passed all rigorous scientific tests with flying colors. It is proven beyond reasonable doubt, which utterly rejects versions of creationism which claim that evolution was guided by god (over 99% of species that have ever existed are now extinct - is god dumb?), or that the Earth is young (it's not - it's 4.5 billion years old), or that we were created as we are, unless you want to believe the implausible scenario in which god made the world LOOK like as if it was old and there was a evolution process. The thing is, if you want to make that claim, I can make the claim tha god just created the universe five seconds ago, with all our (fake) memories in place.

    Absolute certainty is pretty much impossible. Those who are saying that "evolution has not been proven beyond any conceivable doubt!" do not understand how science of epistemology works. What we need to do is try to refute our claims, and if we consistently fail at it throughout the decades, we can say that we have proven something beyond reasonable doubt. If you want to invalidate evolution or validate Creationism, do research and publish scientific papers. If you are correct and you have good evidence, evolution will be taken down,

  • The Theory of Evolution has disproved all--if not, most--accounts of Creationism in today's religions.

    I, being an ex-Christian, know very well the story of Genesis and how Christianity and Judaism explain the origin of the world and the universe. However, after studying evolution, I can easily say that the Judeo-Christian 'theory' of the origin of everything is nothing but a myth just like Zeus, Ra, Thor, and such.

  • The evidence for the supposed timelines discredit evolution.

    While technically speaking, it isn't totally disproven, as nothing can never be really proven or disproven, the fact of the matter is, is that the creationist timelines are way too far off from the evolutionary timelines that the evidence supports. Therefore, it has discredited so much of creationism that it really isn't all that inaccurate to say that it's been disproven.

  • No words needed, just look around.

    Or study science. This is all you need to know.
    If you, on the other hand, wnat to BELIEVE, go ahead. Read fairytales, poetry, mythology, novels, listen to music, go see art and so on. But if you really want to KNOW, study nature, examine the world. I rest my case.

  • One The First Day...

    Yes, I believe evolution has more than disproved modern-day Creationism as far as the existence of humans go. As educated adults, none of us want to run into that one person that still believes the Earth is still young and humans have only been here since God made us. Science proves the Bible wrong in those aspects.

  • Evolution did indeed happen

    Evolution can be divided into two parts, macro and micro. Micro evolution is a fact, where as macro evolution remains a theory due to debates on the exact steps of the evolutionary process. EVOLUTION DID HAPPEN we simply can't trace the exact evolutionary steps of the of the 3 trillion plus species on earth. Considering there is no way that we can even prove if we have located all the species on earth, this may always remain a theory. We can prove though, beyond a doubt, that humans have evolved. We can trace it back conclusively 3.6 million years.

  • Evolution fails to PROVE

    Theory of evolution does not offer indisputable proof, but a theory for how life MIGHT have come to be in its present state as we now find it. Yes, evolution offers SOME evidence (microevolution) but not enough examples to PROVE (absence of evidence of macroevolution). Theoretical supposition fills in the gaps ... Hence it is a THEORY.
    But it assumes a naturalistic world view to begin with ... That there is no supernatural event or power that COULD be in existence. Assumption is NOT proof.
    Creationism assumes supernaturalism. Evolution assumes only naturalism.
    Both positions are based on a certain amount of FAITH ...

    Evolution theory also DOES NOT have anything to offer in the realm of HOW life originated or WHY, which anyone who is intellectually honest will concede are very important questions which cannot be explained by the theory of evolution alone.

  • Evolution is not Scientific

    You cannot prove Darwinian Evolution. You must be able to observe it happening. Darwinian Evolution states that creatures should be able to change kinds, like a fish into a mammal. Sure creatures adapt, but with tiny changes (like defects) that hurt the organism. Give One example where a phylum of animals changed into another.

  • The biggest problem in the evolution topic is the time factor

    While evolution and its concept is proven with near 100% certainty, the longer we go back in time, the more assumption and belief based it becomes, up till the point of chemical evolution and abiogenesis, which are a bit too big of a jump to simply accept.
    There is a difference between saying that all organisms adapt and mutate, and saying that they change from one species into another given enough time. In fact, matter itself has the capacity to evolve into living organisms based on nothing but chance.
    Here at the very bottom and farthest possible reaches of the theory, we cannot talk of proof or "proven". At this point there are only preferences. The preferences of those who are creationists and those who are not. One perceives this as ridiculous, the other as the best possible explanation, but neither of them have proof.

    The only logical conclusion in this debate is to not mention who has "proven" what, because definite proof does not exist, only indirect and collateral. It is all a possibility, and arguing about who believes what to be more possible, is a good way to waste time.

  • Disproved? No. Dismantled? Possibly.

    To disprove it to have complete evidence, indisputable evidence, to declare something wrong. Creationism, while it could be true, does not have the INDISPUTABLE evidence to completely disprove evolution. It may have enough to dismantle it and raise it into question. But in all honesty, both are just theories, each of which could be completely true and may never be completely disproved, unless indisputable evidence is found. Until then, there is no question on this.

  • There is no proof

    Evolution is a theory, there is no proof and no one has ever been able to find the missing link. It does not prove creation to be false. In fact more recent research is more proving that creation is correct. Evolution is just popular science but it is still only a theory.

  • The scientific law has prevented it from even passing out the hypothesis stage.

    Evolution is a mere hypothesis according to the scientific method, because there are so many problems with it, and few of them are being fixed. Science can not be proven or dis-proven. Only evidence exists to direct us. People are relatively ignorant, therefore, science usually says what we want it too. I think that if evolution were to be adapted around all the known problems, it would become something much more similar to Biblical creation.

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