• The Evidence for Birds from Dinosaurs is Conclusive:

    They have already demonstrated the birds have dinosaur traits that can be turned back on, such as chickens producing dinosaur tails and teeth.
    The fossil record from dinosaur to birds is complete, no more transitional fossils required.
    Birds have all the genetics of dinosaurs and some day the will be able to reverse engineer (Devolve) an Ostrich back into a Velociraptor.

    The possibility has been demonstrated as viable, and possible.

  • Your Book Vs. Observable Facts.

    Wake up people, this is the 21st century. I can't believe people are still developing a world view based on a novel written by a bunch of cavemen in Palestine over 2500 years ago, versus a scientifically proven and tested fact that withstands its factual status, the creationists just deny it. Let me ask you, let's say you were choosing between two guitars to buy at the same price. How would you purchase the best one? A) See the words "New Guitar" with no picture or specifications, but a description labeling it "The best guitar in the world" and buy it, or B) Click on the one with the pictures, videos of somebody playing it, and a full, detailed description of it from top to bottom, accompanied by a flurry of reviews. Just like every other reasonable person, you would obviously choose Option B. So now look at it this way. A book with words written on it, no pictures, no videos, nothing but words. Now lets look at the other side, a mountain exceeding over 100,000 research papers, photos and videos of it in action, and detailed responses to almost any question there is. You can keep saying "Evolution is just a theory", well what makes your side any different? At most they are both two theories, with creationism being just about the most theoretical. That is, unless you actually have taken a course in science. The theory that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father made each and every one of us and loves us all, yet purposely sends more than half of us to burn for eternity because we didn't grow up in the right region, not to mention the poor people who were alive before Christianity was ever even founded is absolutely sick and preposterous. Take your minds out of the gutter people. "When in doubt, let your reason prevail." I think we all know what the answer here is.

  • It is a fact.

    There is a mountain of peer reviewed evidence supporting evolution and no peer reviewed evidence to refute it. Scientific theory is pretty much the same thing as saying fact, and evolution is one of the most supported scientific theories out there. If you choose not to accept evolution you then you are holding humanity back.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Yes, but the evolutionary theory still has holes in it

    I believe that it makes more sense to me that God created a low-species specimen (something closely related to chimps/apes) that eventually evolved over millions of years into the modern human. Humans are still evolving, and will keep evolving into even greater human beings. God will continue to guide the human process towards his will. The creation part in the book of genesis in the bible is more symbolic and metaphorical than its actual literal meaning. It describes the human condition and human nature into creation. I think it is more fascinating to think that God created evolution in our species than to think he just made us as we are now. It shows us that He is still perfecting us and teaching us, also that we are able to learn things with our will and power. We are still finding old hominin species that link us to our ancestors and that's pretty interesting.

  • Practically speaking, yes.

    Nothing in science is necessarily a 'fact'. If they were, then we would still be using Newtonian laws to describe the universe, instead of the Einsteinian view.

    Evolution itself is a theory, but a 'theory' by scientific terms is something that has a substantial amount of evidence behind it.

    Gravity, for instance, is simply a 'theory' by scientific terms. However, gravity has a huge mathematical basis behind it, so it (gravity) is not necessarily 100% true. But more 99.999% true.

    The main idea of science is for it to be constantly changing, and to add new mathematics and proofs to it to make it more or less plausible.

    So, to put it bluntly, Evolution, (which has a HUGE basis behind it, including DNA and archaeological evidence) is practically speaking, a fact.

  • Of course it is

    By some definition of the word "fact," anyway. Given the preponderance of evidence collected over the last century and a half, it is no longer a matter of debate that species have evolved and will continue to do so. However, calling evolution "a" fact is a lot like calling physics a fact. Evolution is a process. And evolutionary theory is the explanatory framework that provides a unifying context for countless individual facts which would be all but meaningless on their own.

    In science, facts are a dime a dozen. Theory is where it's at--we need theory (by which we mean well tested explanatory frameworks consistent with all observation and known scientific law) to make sense of all the facts we discover. So it many ways, it's safe to say that evolution is better than a fact, because it can explain all those facts that would be meaningless otherwise.

  • The word fact is odd

    Scientific fact or theory are better words to describe evolution. It isn't the truth. Evolution is a good model and reference but should not be taken into consideration so staunchly that you lose the sight of what the underlying evidence is showing and that it could be other factors that influenced the outcome.

  • Evolution is a scientific fact.

    The evidence is overwhelming and the theory is considered a scientific fact. Some argue there are many missing pieces in terms of physical evidence of animals that are a mix between animal x and animal y. Yes, specific conditions are necessary for a fossil to be created or for remains to be found, but this is like seeing a painting of a person's face with a little spot crumbled off from the cheek and exclaiming, "How can you know it is a painting of a person's face!" You honestly have to try in order to believe that evolution is a false conclusion. When you go about an investigation hoping to prove a specific answer to be right, your conclusion and analysis are doomed to fall victim to this prejudice. The search for truth is successful when one goes about it with an attitude of open consideration of all possibilities. An honest search for the truth will yield the truth, not a search for proof that other people are wrong and you are right. This is a great and common flaw in thinking.

  • Evidently, Incontrovertibly, Yes.

    Evolution by Natural Selection is supported by mountains of peer reviewed, mutually supporting evidence from multiple lines of query (different fields of science.) It is at this point just as certain a scientific theory as the theory of gravity, or the germ theory of disease. We have more evidence for evolution that we do for the fact that the Earth orbits the sun.

    To deny evolution is either to be ignorant of the theory, which is understandable and not a crime, or to deny science altogether, which creationists are known to do.

  • Science is a lot more plausible than a book

    Stop reading books than saying they are the only way something could happen, if I read Harry potter I'm still not getting a magic broomstick for my birthday. God can still exist even if evolution is a thing if you want, which most creationists ignore, as they do with most facts. If god made life, not survival of the best killer then explain spiders... I'm waiting. I have read some of the responses saying it is a lie, and how little they know about evolution is funny, and they are quite hypocritical as well "You are following something that isn't proven blindly", cough cough. The only reason such a high percentage say no is because most people that look up this kind of debate are religious people trying to compensate for their own self conscious knowledge that they may be wrong. "Why are only humans subject and why hasn't my dog turned into a purple cat that can breathe Ice cream?!" Because evolution takes time and it has been observed in small amounts. A fly doesn't turn into a beetle because it is successful enough already. There is a time where evolution is widely accepted, a time of equality, modern day. There was a time when all people believed in god and creationism, this was the dark ages. Stop being ignorant and following fairy tales, my beliefs don't affect your ability to believe in god and evolution. I personally am an atheist that believes in the soul and reincarnation.

  • Evolution is just a theory supported by false facts

    God created everything, that is indisputable. Evolution is a lie made by a Christian hating Darwin. Plus, if all species is an evolution of another, then what was the first species? And how did it originate? If you want more evidence go to evolutionisalie.Com. And schools should have an open mind.

  • Evolution has not been tested

    Show me ANY information showing natural selection at work in changing animals genomes, then maybe I'll believe in evolution. Until then, justs admit you have faith in things arising from primordial soup and shut up about people wanting to teach the fact that evolution is unscientific. Also the Cambrian Explosion disproves Darwinian Evolution.

  • The evolutionary timeline was made by scientists because they are ignorant to follow in God's footsteps.

    For your information, I am twelve, and am here to defend the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, even if that means just convincing one person here today reading this message.
    I believe that the whole "evolution" thing is a hoax, beginning with the very basis of creation.
    First of all, let us begin with the very basis of the world "atheism". The first letter, "a", in this case (as most of you may know) means "against". The "the" part means "philosophy" which roots all the way back to the Lord Himself. The "ist" in the word means "follower in". All together, that would mean "against following philosophy". Like an agnostic, the roots of atheism (and later through Charles Darwin, evolution), the idea was to ignore God in refusal to follow his laws and principles faithfully. If you have read the book of Genesis in the Bible, you probably already know that sin began when Adam and Eve were ignorant to God and instead listened to Satan, the serpent. This is also the same root that began other religions that oppose God. God called this Sin and then sent Jesus Christ to save you from Hell. Darwinism is a sin! Don't let scientist try to hold you back from the love of God because they can make confusing explanations that you say 'yes' to!

  • There is no any fact to prove this

    The steps o evolution shown by scientists are only discrete species.Some of the body parts ,structure of body matched among them which are formulated as evolution.
    Let us assume evolution to be a true fact,then why this evolution does not occured to dogs, cows,crows etc.All the other species remained the same (with slight changes) except the humans.Why only human got a vast evolutionary changes.After all only humans have the ability to laugh.Why only our DNA was subjected to evolution.These points explains that evolution is not a fact.Humans are a different type of species who are intelligent by born and are not evolute from apes

  • I Call The Atheist To The Stand

    Leading scientists (secular, by the way) have said thus, "We believe in evolution, not for the evidence of it, but because the only alternative is divine intervention, and that is unthinkable."

    Also, technically, evolution doesn't even meet the requirements of a hypothesis, much less a law or theory. Also, might I add that we all have access to the same facts, but we have differing presuppositions?
    Also, you evolutionists always bring up the evidence, but you never tell us what it is.

  • It has not yet been proven

    Have you every heard of the missing link. This is the link they can't find which proves evolution to be true. No one has ever found it or has ever found any evidence of it.

    Evolution is still just a theory which people think is fact because it sounds scientific.

  • Evolution is not scientifically supported but is rather based on blind faith.

    There are many flaws and problems with evolution starting with the fact that evolution has never been observed. In order for something to be a scientific theory it must able to be confirmed through a series of observations and experimentation. Evolution does not fit those requirements as it has never been observed in modern science. We have seen examples where species give rise to new species through speciation, for example, when two species of dogs breed they may give rise to a new unique specie of dog. However we have never observed dogs giving rise to cats or fruit flies giving rise to beetles. Evolutionists like to use microevolution as evidence for macroevolution even though they are very much different.

    You may be saying, "Evolution is too slow of a process to be observed." However, certain species such as fruit flies are able to reproduce very quickly and biologists have been trying to produce something other than fruit flies by breeding them over and over again. Not surprisingly, they have had no success. Also if we examine the fossil record we see that the amount of fossils that may be intermediate links is not exactly very impressive. We should be able find thousands of fossils supporting evolution, instead we're left we just a few fossils that are very questionable transitional forms.

    How did the first life appear? From the theistic perspective, it is rather easy to explain how the first life came into existence. So far however, the only explanation for how the first life appeared here on Earth from an atheistic perspective is through spontaneous generation (or through panspermia). The problem is, there is no evidence whatsoever that supports spontaneous generation or panspermia. This leads evolutionists to make an assumption (that spontaneous generation is possible) based on blind faith rather than science and rationality.

    There are many more issues with evolution including the Cambrian Explosion, molecular biology, and the idea that everything we see came through random processes and was not designed (when in fact, all of creation seems to be designed and points to a Designer). To claim evolution as a scientific fact or scientific theory is quite ignorant once you examine the overwhelming amount of evidence against evolution (and the fact that it has not been observed). Evolution, at best, is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

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