• Evolution has an immense amount of proof supporting it

    At this point, evolution is pretty much a fact. Actually, it's much stronger than a fact, it's a scientific theory, which holds much more ground than a scientific fact.

    A lot of people argue that evolution is unobservable in a lab, so it cannot be labeled as truth. However, many scientific concepts are proved using what is called circumstantial evidence. Take the laws of gravity, electricity, and atomic theory. All three of those things are unobservable and intangible, but all three of those things are also acknowledged facts by pretty much everybody. Well guess what, evolution has more evidence than any of the above three. Lets start with presenting some of those evidences

    1. Microevolution: this is observable everywhere. We see species from bacteria to insects, from birds to fishes, and even humans undergo microevolution. Here is the scenario: You are in a situation where you must survive in an environment that is extremely hot all the time. Now as luck would have it, you have more efficient sweat glands than the other people who are stuck in this situation, so your body can maintain metabolism under higher temperatures. Now say you meet a member of the opposite sex who's body stores water more efficiently than other people, and thus can stay hydrated for a longer time. Now one day the temperature gets so hot that everyone except you and the person of the opposite sex mentioned earlier die of heat stroke. If you two should have sex, or mate, your baby would have both more efficient sweat glands and water maintenance, enabling it to effectively maintain metabolism and stay hydrated for longer periods of time. Now take this concept out into the real world. Give it 100 million years, and these relatively small changes will build up and eventually develop into macroevolution, or as we know it, evolution. In fact, we can just look at bacteria, virus, and mosquitoes for evidence of this, as they all develop strains that resist the things that are supposed to kill them, quite quickly in fact.

    2. Vestigial Organs: Vestigial organs are organs that serve no purpose in the maintenance of a living body. We can see this in humans, namely in the tailbone, the appendix, wisdom teeth, and goosebumps, all of which have pretty much lost their original function. Why do we have these unnecessary organs? We inherited them from our ancestors.

    I realize that this is the opinion page and not technically a debate, so i will stop here. I will answer any questions in the comments.

  • Yes it has been proven true.

    Animal breeding. If evolution isn't true, then how did we get the poodle? Bull dogs deliver their pups by C-section. If evolution isn't true, then Bull Dogs existed in the wild. So what was happening? All the forest animals did the operations? Animals are very changeable. Evolution happened, get over it children.

  • Yes, Not Arguable.

    First: I'm a Christian.
    Second: I totally believe that evolution is a scientifically proven theory, beyond contestation. Shocking, I know.

    You can't use theism to argue against scientific facts. Likewise, you can't use limited human science to argue that God can't exist. That's just not the way it works. Science and God are not contradictory. If God exists, he doesn't discredit legitimate science. Conversely: natural science doesn't delegitimize the possibility of supernatural concepts. All science does is delegitimize poor scientists that happen to be religious.

  • It's been Proven

    Evolution has been proven on multiple occasions and has even been observed on the Icelandic island of Surtsey. Texas_Girl claims that a tooth isn't enough but a tooth IS enough if it's DNA matches up with a human's, which it did. The hard Truth is that Evolution IS real but you are in denial against fact.

  • Okay, so "fact" a weird word

    Evolution is a theory, but a scientific theory is very different from a colloquial theory. Evolution is a theory like gravity is a theory. The way science works is that there are no facts, not even gravity even though everybody can prove it every second of their lives. The closest thing to a fact in science is something that can't be proven wrong with current knowledge.
    For a while, people believed that we were years if not months away from "solving physics" then, a little while later, we discovered quantum physics and the whole scientific community turned on it's head.
    Now, Evolution is certainly impossible to prove wrong, I guarantee you that if you manage, you will win the Nobel prize in physiology and probably chemistry too. There is no great secret that everybody is keeping from you, if it were discovered tomorrow that evolution is impossible, it would be the headline on every newspaper in the country for a month.
    So, technically no, evolution isn't a fact, but with our current understanding of the universe, we can assume it to be true, and even if evolution via natural selection proves to be a false hypothesis in later years, I'll still bet you everything I own that a magic sky-god didn't just get bored one day and make everything.

  • Evolution has been proved in the lab and i other situations

    Evolution is just the change in the gene pool of a particular population over time. These small minute changes don't amount to much over a human life time but natural selection picks the individual within the population that are more suited to their environment, which is facilitated by natural variations within populations.

    Heres two pretty clear cut ways evolution is a fact: the domestication of crops such as wheat and maize has led to selecting for the crops with the highest yield, amongst other things such as. Archaeological evidence has shown that since the domestication of crops which began 10,000 years ago wheat has lost its need for spikes and hooks for seed dispersal, because ultimate humans do it for them so they had no need to keep these traits - that is evolution. Another example is the production of a strain of heat tolerant yeast , not by genetically modifying it, but by forcing it to adapt to higher temperature by selecting the individuals who expressed a higher tollerance - this took 300 generation of yeast which is like 450 hours, and probably took like a year to do, but still its evolution.

    Finally one that we can all relate to is virus's and bacteria and antibiotic resistance. The over use of antibiotics has seen the rise of bugs like MRSA a strain of staphylococcus aureusis that has developed resistance to meticillin, not beacuse god puffed one infront of oureyes but becasue organisms adapt to their environment due to selective pressures that are put on them, selecting for the ones that are most suited 'fit' to survive

    Peace x

  • Why are we still debating this?

    It is a fact that populations evolve. This evolution is explained by the Theory of Evolution. Evolution has been observed in the lab and in the wild, and it has led to predictions which have been verified. The only reason to disbelieve evolution is ignorance, and that is inexcusable in this age of information.

  • We can't stop proving evolution.

    No other theory of the life's origins has been so successful at explaining the diversity of life. No other theory of life's origins has been repeatedly confirmed by so many separate scientific disciplines. The evidence for evolution is so overwhelming we can't stop finding it! Everywhere we look we find fossils of intermediate species. Every time a bacterial colony resists our medications we are throwing more evidence onto the mountain of evidence for evolution. The only reason to deny it is a deep misunderstanding of science or a desperate clinging to fairy tale origin stories.

  • There is strong scientific evidence supporting this and no solid evidence against

    Evolution is an established theory that has yet to be refuted. A theory does not state a fact, because nothing in science can be proven 100% for certain. By using evidence produced through experimentation and observation with the scientific method, we can approach the truth. After compiling the results of many experiments that support the same hypothesis, we can create a theory, which is just an explanation for why something might be the way it is. Until solid (scientific) evidence is found suggesting that the theory is wrong, the theory stands as the most correct explanation. Also, saying that humans are descended from apes is incorrect as no currently living organism can be descended from another living organism. Humans and apes do share a common ancestor though and it is clear that the two groups have evolved due to the development of different characteristics over time. Until someone can scientifically prove that evolution has not occurred, the theory of evolution stands.

  • The best evidence suggests so

    I don't know why there is a creation/evolution debate. Creation is a myth, not science. Also as evolution is a science, if the evidence piled up against it, it would be discarded as useless. Fortunately for evolution, the science points to its validity. If another theory proved more accurate using the scientific method, that theory would gain prominence. Creationism does not use that method, and thus it isn't even arguing on the same grounds. At best it is a philosophy, whereby it collapses. Until another scientific theory has better evidence in its favor, there is no reason to consider any other.

  • People are lying about it to make it seem true.

    What is one species that has changed into another animal that man has OBSERVED?? I mean man coming from an ape, we have not observed that and technically Evolution is still a theory not a fact. Scientist yet to have proved it to be true.
    "Piltdown Man"-The remains were discovered from 1908-1912. This was one of the most clever hoaxes in the evolution camp. I recommend reading the book "Unraveling Piltdown." This book exposes all the lies that went into making the jaw bone of an ape look close to human and trying to link it to part of a human skull. Even a Jesuit Priest by the name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who was a theistic evolutionist was in on the hoax to try to get people to believe in theistic evolution, get rich and become famous.

    The Piltdown hoax was not discovered until the 1950s in the mean time between 400-500 Ph.D. Desertations were written on the Piltdown man. Just goes to show that you can't trust the "Evolutionary Elite." If they were honest they should have handed in their degrees.

    The facts in this case turned out to be part of a human skull and an ape jaw whos teeth were filled down to make it look more human and both pieces were stained with Bichromate of Potash to make the pieces look older and to conceal their identity.

    "Nebraska Man"-Was discovered in Nebraska, 1922 by Geologist Harold Cook. The evidence was used in the famous Scopes evolution trial in Dayton, Tennesse. They had great scientific experts saying that they had evidence that Nebraska Man was the missing link between man and monkey.

    What evidence did they have, a tooth, thats right just a tooth, thats all. Illustrated London News had one of their artists draw a picture as to what this so called apeman looked like based on a tooth. Then the artist drew a picture of what his wife must of looked like, all around a tooth. In 1928, the embarrasing truth came out, the tooth came from a pig. The first "pig" to make a monkey out of an evolutionist. The Scopes Monkey Trial had given good publicity to evolution and Nebraska man had been burned into peoples imagination.

    And there are so many more if you just dig deeper. I don't think its a fact until it is proven to be true and this has not been.

  • Why the incessant need for things to be fact.

    Not that many things are facts they are likely but not fact. Most of the things you learn in school are not facts . Outside of mathematics there aren't many facts out there. Evolution is logical and has a high amount of evidence supporting it but there are parts of the theory that are less certain that we usually gloss over. An example is the eye. If the eye first developed through mutations there must have been some point when the eye was not fully developed enough to serve any purpose. When we talk about evolution we conclude that there where many tiny steps along the way but because we see the end result of those changes we often forget that these changes where random they had no guiding force besides natural selection. So then why would a trait that served no immediate function or was a determent at the time continue to be passed on later becoming something useful? It is incredible how we have become so complex compared to the single celled organisms that we evolved from but we don't truly know how it all happened we make assumptions. In my experience when someone says something is fact it is because they don't know how to back it up so its a fact something that isn't supposed to be argued just accepted.

  • My Comments above, against purpleduck

    If any of these arguments have a grain of truth in them (which I believe they do) than people should look past what society has dictated to be the case. One must do their own research and have the data speak for itself. The majority of this world goes with what is popular. Don't go with what is popular, go with what is right, and if the evidence points to evolution throughout your findings than so be it. If that is what you think is right than I will not attempt to turn you. However, I believe there is always two sides to every story. Let's give the anti-evolutionist theory a chance, before we so easily dismiss it because the majority tells us to.

  • Even if you agree with it its not a fact

    Evolution, whether or not you agree with it, is a theory. Not a fact. You can support it all you want and have all the evidence you want, but its still not a fact. It will remain a theory until there is absolutely no logical evidence to go against it. Its a theory not a fact.

  • Should be 100% No

    Evolution is a theory, and has never been proven. Scientists admit this, even though they will swear up and down it seems to be factual. Until actual living proof of missing link-type creature is found, it will remain nothing more than an idea. This is real life, not planet of the apes.

  • Fact is the wrong word

    I believe in the theory of evolution, it makes sense, the evidence is there to back it up, creation lacks sense or evidence, hence, the logical option to believe is evolution. If i wanted to believe something like creationism with no evidence, i'd probably just make something funny up (like some sort of Intergalactic Lobster got board one day, started sketching alians, drew a human, though "thats quite nice, ill keep that one" and then put it on earth) just to keep myself entertained while wondering how uneducated i must be to believe without evidence. So my reason for putting my opinion in the "no" section is because, while there is evidence, it cant be confirmed as a definite fact, and therefore, is a theory...A bloody good theory, but still a theory.

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The-Voice-of-Truth says2014-12-18T16:47:53.837
Just because evolution has evidence that supports it doesn't mean it is a fact.