• This is getting annoying

    I don't know how many times we are going to have this opinion poll. People voting no seem very dogmatic since they fail the recognize all the evidence pointing towards evolution. It is both sad and surprising that there are so many of them.I don't think they even read the arguments anymore, I just think they like showing their ignorance - as crazy as this sounds...

    Yes, i'm running out of patience

  • It is a fact.

    There's a lot of supporting evidence involved in the theory of us evolving from apes. We look very similar to apes, we have almost all the same body parts as apes, our bone structures are very similar to apes, it's not a theory it's a fact. What else is there to prove?

  • It's Basically Fact

    First, I'm a Christian. Second, I believe that evolution is scientifically accurate, to a point where it is beyond contestation. Technically, you can make an argument that it is strictly defined as a theory, but the only reason this definition holds up is because science cannot replicate this process at will. For all intents and purposes, evolution is supported as factual, and there is no substantial evidence disproving the scientific legitimacy of this "theory." Basically, unless you intend to split hairs, the theory of evolution is a fact.

  • Evolution is true but it does not mean that there is no God, or any other supreme being

    There have been many arguments regarding this topic. What people fail to realize is the possibility that both theories are true. The holes in the theory can be supported by religion. Where did we get our single-celled organisms that started it all? God. Even the highest leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope, said it himself "God did not wave a magic wand". He supports the theory of evolution. There are too many evidences in the theory of evolution to disregard, however, that does not many that there is no Supreme Being over us.

  • Evolution has too much evidence to be false

    We know for a fact evolution happens, and has happened, and probably will continue to happen people arguing otherwise are usually religious fanatics who don't genuinely understand evolution, it's hard for people like that to see the evidence when they have the presupposition 'god did it'. Therefore stop putting no, you morons.

  • Ignorance is bliss isn't it creationists?

    It doesn't matter what the opposition says for two reasons. The first is simple, everyone believes the medieval ages happened but none of us alive have seen it, except through castles, artifacts, etc..., in comparison on a larger scale none of us alive have seen the evolution happen in a tangible enough way for us to be totally satisfying by itself, but we have the bones. We can draw the lines from changes within a species. I would go into massive detail about the anthropology but most of you like to make arguments out of ignorance or desire to be difficult. This stuff is just so damn straight forward and undeniable that when you say evolution isn't a fact, you simply rob yourself of the piece of mind that knowing facts can provide.

  • It definitely is a fact

    Saying no would be like saying dinosaurs never existed. Scientists find fossil records, and fossil records speak for themselves. We have skulls of species that do not exist anymore and look very similar to human skulls. 99% of our DNA is shared with monkeys, so how does that fact not show that monkeys and humans originated from the same thing?

  • It is a fact.

    You people just cant seem to get the idea that, evolution is factual and we have scientific evidence. The human race, if around in the dinosaur era, would have most likely gone extinct. Scientists have also proven that the world did not begin some thousand years ago, but millions upon millions.

  • Of course it is

    Okay, Humans share over 99% of genome, very similar in behavior (Waging wars for territory and resources) Similar in bone structure, Chimpanzees have great intelligence like humans, Both able to walk bipedally, both capable of language, there are alot of similarites, in my experience people who don't believe in evolution don't even know what it is, they think it's a gorilla turning into a human, when a 2 second google search would tell them otherwise, it's like saying the sky isn't blue, why do you think you need a flu shot every year? Or Why Bacteria is becoming more resistant to anti-biotics? Evolution. It's a fact.

  • It is a theory, but not the way you mean in the title

    People use "theory" in a very general way, but the word means something entirely different in the scientific community. A scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed through observation and experimentation". This is different from the typical definition of a theory as "a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained". For something to be a theory in science, it has to have its ducks in a row. Anyone can test it and destroy its credibility with even a shred of evidence against its tenets. For evolution to be a theory is incredible, as that does not happen easily. DO NOT compare it to conspiracy "theories" or a half-baked philosophical supposition. In science, a theory is all but fact, and this theory is one of the best.

  • One big hole in the theory

    The theory of evolution makes a lot of sense to me- I believe it myself. However, as a Christian I believe that God created life. One of my friends, who is an astronomy & planetary studies professor, was an atheist before going into his field but now says evidence overwhelmingly points to life being created by a sentient being. Evolutionists dismiss creationists as believers in "magic" or "nonsense," but their theory for how life began is just as stupid. You expect me to believe a "big bang" created a solar system out of nothing, then a bunch of rocks ran into each other to create our planet and somehow life magically came into being without any of the components necessary for life? Please. Evolution is real, but the beginning of life as evolutionists view it makes less sense than a supreme being creating life.

  • Its a theory not a fact

    Some of the parts have yet to be proved although as a whole it makes Sense. I'd say 60% factual and 40% theory. 27 more words needed..... The wheels on the bus go round and round....Round and round... Round and round....The wheels on the bus go round and round...All...Through the

  • Evolution is a theory

    Do me a favor:
    1. Get a pen & paper
    2. Write the number one
    3. Write down 40,000 zeros

    These are the odds of life forming by natural processes.

    Evolutionist Michael Denton: "The complexity of the simplest known type of cell is so great that it is impossible to accept that such an object could have been thrown together suddenly by some kind of freakish, vastly improbable, event. Such an occurrence would be indistinguishable from a miracle."

    "All living things are extremely complex, even the tiniest single-celled animals and bacteria. However, none surpasses the overall complexity of the human being. Not only is each person constructed of trillions of molecules and cells, but the human brain alone is filled with billions of cells forming trillions of trillions of connections. The design of the human brain is truly awesome and beyond our understanding. Every cubic inch of the human brain contains at least 100 million nerve cells interconnected by 10 thousand miles of fibers."

    Here's a few facts for you:

    - During all recorded human history, there has never been a substantiated case of a living thing being produced from anything other than another living thing.

    - As yet, evolutionism has not produced a scientifically credible explanation for the origin of such immense complexities as DNA, the human brain, and many elements of the cosmos.

    - there is no scientific proof that life did (or ever could) evolve into existence from non-living matter. Further, there is substantial evidence that spontaneous generation is impossible. Only DNA is known to produce DNA. No chemical interaction of molecules has even come close to producing this ultra-complex code which is so essential to all known life.

    If you're curious on where I got my facts, I got them here:

  • Evolution is a wrong theory!

    If it was true, so why humans never found a man/woman in a cage in the zoo (instead of a monkey or a gorilla) ?
    Why other gorillas did not develop to become human beings? And how did they succeed to still existed and not to extinct yet?

    The sons of Adam are honored by the God and Creator of this world -- Allah --,, and never were animals!!

  • A theory can never become fact

    In Science, a theory is an idea about how the world might work. In order to support a theory, evidence can be gained that make that theory more probable. But science is induction, not deduction. At no point can it be considered to have a 100% probability of being correct, but it can get very, very close.

  • There's a problem with this theory.

    This theory seems very plausible and it is true that we humans do resemble apes. However, the one major issue I have regarding evolution does not revolve around God or any sort of religion. Evolution is defined as a gradual development. Now, we've all seen the picture of the monkey/ape turning into a human. What about the "creature" (for lack of better words) that is in the middle of all that. If evolution was a fact then there would be these "in-between" half-human, half-ape things all around. Evolution does not just happen overnight; therefore, for this to be true, we would be seeing the middle stages of evolution in the world today. And that's something we don't see.

  • Evolution is unprovable and unrealistic

    As almost everyone here has already admitted, it is impossible for evolution to truly become seen as 'fact' - at least, not for several million years, if we start a study now - because you can't observe it happening. This, however, is a bit pedantic, and avoids the real purpose of the question.
    Think about what evolution entails. Individuals with helpful features live longer and produce more offspring than those without them, thus passing on these features to the next generation. That bit is fair enough - anyone can tell that's what happens.
    But obviously, for a new species to come out of this, new features need to be brought into existence. Scientists claim this happens through mutations.
    And this is where the evolutionist argument falls down.
    For one thing, mutations are quite rare. Mutations which actually affect the carrier are even rarer. Mutations which affect the carrier in a positive way are nigh on nonexistent.
    Consider, too, that to create a new species, there would need to be hundreds - no, thousands - of these helpful mutations.
    There have been an almost incalculable number of species extant at any given time over the past few million years. That's a practically infinite number of lucky mutations.
    This kind of thing just doesn't happen.

  • Noo no no

    No just no so if you think that monkeys became humans then answer me this where did the monkeys come from if you say big bang i will how did that happen I could do this all day it's not when I see it I'll believe it and if it hasn't been proven then you can't say it's true.

  • It is a scientific theory

    I'm not sure if it is a fact or not, but it is a scientific theory. A scientific theory attempts to explain a natural occurrence via the scientific method and observation. Theories are often modified as time goes on. Evolution is still being modified as we learn more about stuff. For example, even just a few years ago we had this junk DNA that we thought was useless. However some time later we discovered uses for it, in areas like development of heart cells. So yeah.

  • Read this story.

    In the beginning, there was nothing. No matter no life, no nothing. And then all of the sudden, the nothingness exploded, and created such complicated living things that we have barely begun to even start to understand how they work. Or, a God with extreme ability creates you. Your choice.

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