• Its Called Science

    Science is the best pathway to knowledge mankind has yet developed, and the Theory of Evolution is one of, if not the, most evidentially supported theory in all of science. Therefore, evolution is the best answer we currently have to explain the diversity of life.

    Creationism is not a scientific theory, and it therefore does not deserve to be in the same discussion as evolution.

    It should also be noted that evolution only addresses how life changes one life has arisen, while creationism addresses the origins of live (and possibly the diversity as well, depending on the flavor of creationism). Therefore, it should be noted that they are not necessarily mutually exclusive, however, as there is little to no evidential support for a supernatural creation hypothesis, it need not be seriously entertained.

  • Evolution is valid

    Many, if not all, arguments for creationism are circular; (x) happens because (x) states that (y) has happen, henceforth (x) happens. Arguments from logic to prove creation are highly abnormal; it is only logical for (x) to happen, so it has to happen. The real world is not a world built on reason, but built on fact; this is shown by the non-usage of reason to decide; voters etc.

    I follow evolution because of three main evidences:

    -On 96% Similarity of Chromosome between Human and Chimp

    An argument against this proof might be that "God created human-chimp chromosome to be similar" but if God did so, then why do we not find skeletons of humans, exactly like us, buried 3.2 million years ago. In the case of the Skeleton Lucy, we find a small skull, which shows that human skeletons have developed quite a bit over the millions of years. But apart from this, humans have a 96% similarity to chimpanzees; "Because chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, the chimp genome is the most useful key to understanding human biology and evolution, next to the human genome itself. The breakthrough will aid scientists in their mission to learn what sets us apart from other animals."

    -On Trees

    There are some trees on this earth older than "earth" itself! How is this possible? I don't think it is. Old Tjikko is aged about 9,550 years; the Pando tree has roots with an age of over 80,000 years. This is impressive; creationists have suppressed this data, claiming such false claims like "Carbon C-14" cannot work; but in order to refute YEC, one must simply say that Carbon C-14 can detect ages of no older than 20,000 years properly, because of the present excess of Carbon C-14 in these things. However, there are other methods of aging which seem to prove that creationism can be dismissed; methods like Dendrochronology.

    -On the Russian Fox Experiment

    This seems to prove evolution clearly; if any creationists want to object to this, I wish them luck; in 1950, a group of Russian Scientists gathered a group of 50 foxes; after observing their behavior, scientists determined whether they were "tamed" or "untamed" Through a process of selective breeding, they allowed them to breed for 40 years; each fox are now almost two distinctive species. One group of the foxes showed aggressive behavior, whilst others show unaggressive tamed behavior. APART FROM THIS, one group grew spots.

    This is definitive proof of evolution, or evolution in action.

  • Evolution is a theory, but a sound one.

    The idea of scientific research and discovery is to be humble and accept the fact that we as humans know very little of the universe or its past, present, and future. All we can do is think critically and conduct experiments, using the data we receive to create theories and discover facts.

    We have come a long way since the days of the bible and I predict it will one day be seen for what it is, a fictitious book written by clever authors. I am fine with people believing what they want, it's their right. What bothers me is the Christians who think they know everything. What happens when we die, how and when the universe began, dinosaur remains are there to test our faith, etc. etc. If you know all of that as a fact then prove it!

  • Evolution is the best theory i have for the origins of life

    Yea its hard for me to believe people who are 80 percent water were made out of dirt. And if humans existed on the seventh day of earths existence (which we know they didnt as the worlds surface was covered in lava) then why dont we find human skeletons along with the dinosaur skeletons? Why cant we find any mammals besides very small mammals like rats and stuff? It is a fact that earth wasnt created as is in seven days. It is pretty much a fact that humans didnt come from dirt and only irrational or brainwashed (indoctrinated) people believe this. If god existed and people had a relationship with this god our moralities wouldnt be constantly changing as if there is no god aiding us. All the evidence points to the huge probability that there is no god. And i have to go with evidence over 1 of thousand of religious claims that all contradict each other. Science facts dont contradict other facts while religious truths contradict several other religious truths and science facts. And facts dont contradict facts.

  • Evolution Of Course, There is No Valid Alternative:

    There is no alternative to the Theory Of Evolution that can validly explain the vast divergence of living creatures on Planet Earth. Creationism is not an alternative, as it is a pile of Fallacies. Everything Creationism has tried to use to assert itself as scientific is Fallacious.
    So since Creationism is never going to ever be Scientific, then it has no claim as an alternative Scientific Theory to Evolution.

    They are completely in different Fields.
    Evolution is Science and Evolution is Theology.

    There is no Dichotomy.
    They have no similarities, they are worlds apart and neither can substitute for the other.

  • Grab a dictionary.

    You've been told that "evolution is just a theory", a guess, a hunch, and not a fact, not proven. You've been misled.

    The Theory of Evolution is a theory, but guess what? When scientists use the word theory, it has a different meaning to normal everyday use. That's right, it all comes down to the multiple meanings of the word theory. If you said to a scientist that you didn't believe in evolution because it was "just a theory", they'd probably be a bit puzzled.

    In science, a theory is not a guess, not a hunch. It's a well-substantiated, well-supported, well-documented explanation for our observations. It ties together all the facts about something, providing an explanation that fits all the observations and can be used to make predictions. In science, theory is the ultimate goal, the explanation. It's as close to proven as anything in science can be.

    Some people think that in science, you have a theory, and once it's proven, it becomes a law. That's not how it works. In science, we collect facts, or observations, we use laws to describe them, and a theory to explain them. You don't promote a theory to a law by proving it. A theory never becomes a law.

    In fact, if there was a hierarchy of science, theories would be higher than laws. There is nothing higher, or better, than a theory. Laws describe things, theories explain them. There's a law of gravity, which is the description of gravity. It basically says that if you let go of something it'll fall. It doesn't say why. Then there's the theory of gravity, which is an attempt to explain why. These explanations are called theories, and will always be theories. They can't be changed into laws, because laws are different things.

    Just because it's called a theory of gravity, doesn't mean that it's just a guess. It's been tested. All our observations are supported by it, as well as its predictions that we've tested. Also, gravity is real! You can observe it for yourself. Just because it's real doesn't mean that the explanation is a law. The explanation, in scientific terms, is called a theory.

    Evolution is the same. There's the fact of evolution. Evolution (genetic change over generations) happens, just like gravity does. Ask your science teacher, or google it. But that's not the issue we are addressing here. The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is our best explanation for the fact of evolution. It has been tested and scrutinised for over 150 years, and is supported by all the relevant observations.

    Next time someone tries to tell you that evolution is just a theory, as a way of dismissing it, as if it's just something someone guessed at, remember that they're using the non-scientific meaning of the word. If that person is a teacher, or minister, or some other figure of authority, they should know better.

    Evolution is not just a theory, it's triumphantly a theory!

  • Yep. I think Evolution

    I'm Christian but i believe evolution occurred.
    I think God Its a force, a spirit, a incomprehensible being.
    I think God works through us humans, and make things happen for a reason.
    I don't think God goes by one name. You can call him Allah, Yaweh, ect.
    That's what i believe

  • Evolution all the way

    Evolution is the only explanation for the complexity for life.

    - Evolution is supported and confirmed by homology, fossils, and the DNA code. It also helps people understand development and psychology.

    - There is no "starting point" for evolutionary theory. It is based on evidence, not circular logic and presuppositions.

    - Evolution is still happening today. Read up on Olympic scores, bacterial resistance, viral resistance, dog breeds, THC content of marijuana, nylonase bacteria, etc, etc, and it will be clear.

    - It is essential to many parts of science. Examples: Evolutionary psychology, population genetics, agriculture, and developing vaccines. Viruses evolve. If evolution weren't true, or important, you wouldn't have to get a flu shot every year.

    Think critically: Do you really believe that life was created in its current state, or according to its "kinds"? Most people who are asked to define a kind fail to provide a clear definition or definitive list of kinds.

    I enjoy learning about science (mostly tech but I like biology too), and there really is no debate. The processes behind evolution are still debated, but by and large evolution remains true.

  • What evidence ???

    I keep hearing people say that evolution has tons of evidence, that proves it's a fact. They point to similar DNA in different species. This is not evidence of common descent. It could just as easily be argued that a Creator would use similar DNA to create everything. They also point to the fossil record. Even many evolutionists no longer consider that to be valid evidence for evolution. We still haven't found an undisputed transitional fossil. Where are they? There should be billions of them. All we see are distinct species. They also point out that species change over time. No one disagrees with this, but it's not evolution. It's adaptation. They claim that many small changes result in new species. This is not true. There is not one example of a species adding new information to it's DNA, through mutation. So I ask you. Where is all this evidence you claim to have?

  • Why can't we have both?

    I will start by saying I am not religious, I don't even necessarily believe in God. But here's what gets me every time. Why in blue perfect hell can't it be both? If you are religious, is it so outlandish to believe when God was dictating to Moses on Sinai about creation that maybe he chose to leave out a few details? Or maybe he dumbed it down to the level a Bronze-age human would understand?
    If you believe in God, if you trust in His "plan" then why is it so inconceivable that maybe when he said "created the world in 6 days" he was being metaphorical? Lots of the bible is metaphorical! "Cast not your pearls among swine" Matthew 10:14. You don't really think he was saying it was bad to throw the bowel movement of a clam at pigs do you? If this is metaphorical, why can't creation be? I don't know if the bible explicitly states that everything it says is literal, but even if it does, how was that shrimp cocktail? Or that lobster dinner, or crab, or bacon? You can't just take the parts you like, either it's all literal or it's not. And if you trust God, you aught to be able to trust that he's got it figured out to a molecular level, and maybe if a woman can be made from a man's rib, then a man can be made from the dust (read: dust=shed skin cells after all) of a common primate-like ancestor.

    I believe in evolution, and I also believe if I'm wrong and I stand before God sometime after I die, that I can say "Hahaha! I see what you did there. Good form boss!"

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