• It is important for students to see all sides of the argument.

    Evolution and Creationism should be taught alongside one another. It is vital that students see all sides of the argument and not shielded on one side of the coin. If they were, They wouldn't grow up to be inquisitive and interesting individuals which is a desirable trait their future employers may look for.

  • Yes, They should. . . . Alongside creationism.

    Ok well, The world is filled with 100s of different ethnicities, Religions, And countries who all believe different things and they have the right to believe in those things so they should first teach the majority belief and then evolution or in countries like America evolution than the second most followed belief.

  • Yes yes yes

    Evolution in public schools Would you support one side of an argument when the majority of evidence points to the other? Teaching evolution versus Creationism in schools has been argued for decades. I believe that evolution should be taught in public schools. School systems make sure to not include religion in the classes and some argue that they shouldn’t talk about evolution or the big bang theory either. Scott Frederick proves a very good point in The Ledger, “We shouldn’t tip-toe around religion while we marginalize credible scientific evidence. It’s intellectual dishonesty. ” Schools are afraid of others with different religions taking offence so they don’t include anything at all, And they’re doing the same with evolution. Science teachers …show more content…
    Darwinism and natural selection are synonyms for this theory. Charles Darwin was thought to be the father of the evolutionary theory, Even though he had help developing his theory. The idea of Evolution has been around since Ancient Greece. According to Roger Patterson, Author of Evolution Exposed, Natural selection is how a species changes, Or evolves, In short periods of time. Natural selection is a theory whereas evolution is an observed fact. The other theory is called Intelligent Design (ID) and those who accept this believe that their is a higher power and that they created the fact of evolution. Although it’s been proven, Many teachers and professors still are puzzled with how they should approach this issue

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