Evolution (yes) or creation (no): How did human beings come about?

  • Fossil Record Points to Hominid Origins in African Jungles

    The fossil record put together by anthropologists points to homo sapiens evolving from apes in the African jungles some 3 million years ago. Humans weren't created in the blink of an eye. Even the Bible says one day is like 10,000 years to God, so it is plausible that the seeds for humans were spawned on Earth by God (apes and monkeys) and then God knew they would evolve into sentient creatures later on. God created the human mind to think logically and rationally, not to believe crazy stories.

  • Evolution Is a Go

    I believe humans came about through evolution. I think human-like species have been on this planet for many, many generations and we have developed and evolved over time. I believe if we have a creator, they only changed certain properties in our DNA. If that is the case, I feel as though they may have imparted us with more wisdom, know how, or maybe changed or created our spirits.

  • Before the beginning

    Or something like that. As compelling as the opposing arguments are with all the evidence they provide, I'm going to have to say no. I think a question needs to be asked before this one. What was in the beginning? Before the Big Bang. Before anything. What was there in the beginning? Well its like counting to infinity, one more can be added to the timeline of beginnings if you ask, "what happened before that" over and over again. So something Infinite had to be there to begin the finite, or to Create it. Time is limited by time itself. It seems everything is bound by time, but does it make sense to ask, what was before time? In a way it does. So let me rephrase it. Rather than saying what happened before time, I should ask, "what was there before time was set in motion." like a clock without batteries. Well that's just it, I believe Someone who is infinite and not bound by time, existed. So Someone was in the beginning, even before time. Why? Because the question of the past is the same question of the future. What happen(s)/(ed) next/before. And if you say that the universe is in a cycle, I must ask, How was the cycle set into motion? Like before, the same question after question comes. Something infinite stops the question cycle, but there is no infinite in nothingness because something can not happen within absolute nothing.
    So there had to be a something or Someone that was infinite and that is not bound by time or anything else of physical properties. And well that's where my beliefs come in as a Christian. I believe that God existed before time began. Kinda doesn't make sense but in one way or another it does. I believe God created all things, and even if evolution is true, all the more reasons to see him as an Intelligent Designer. To me evidence is quite important, but facts change daily. I believe the only proof of God is by encountering Him. If all my life, I had been told of an uncle that lived faraway but never got to meet him, I would be quite reasonably skeptical but if I had met him, than there's my evidence and proof. Sorry to drag on so much, but to simply answer the question now, I say No, or, No and yes. Because either he created everything including human beings or He was the cause of evolution but I believe it is the first. I know I screwed some things over grammatically but thank goodness for the spell check on this.
    Thanks for reading.

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