Ex-felon right to vote: Should ex-felons have the right to vote?

  • Yes, ex-felons have rights.

    Voting is a right given to every citizen. Someone who has been in jail and is a United States citizen should certainly still have that right. In fact, they probably have more at stake in choosing a candidate or a policy than those who have not been through the penal system.

  • Ex-felons should have the right to vote.

    Ex-felons have exhibited the inability to adhere to societal norms. This however does not indicate the cognizance of the felon and whether they are able to effectively exercise their right to vote. This should not prohibit them from actually voting. Therefore, ex-felons should be able to vote; after their time has been served, they should not be subjected to any post-stigmatization.

  • No they shouldn't!

    Yes I'm in 7th grade but that doesn't matter I have GREAT reasons
    felons should have voting rights. Felons (crooks,prisoners) have made and been convicted of committing serious crimes, and have shown they do not deserve nor can handle the responsibility. Allowing felons to vote would undermine our democracy, a person who breaks the law should not make the law! The campaign to automatically restore civil rights to vote to nearly all felons upon release from prison, with no waiting period and no hearing to determine if those felons will go right back to a life of crime, is IRRESPONSIBLE and RECKLESS, because we never know if the felon might go back to a life of crime and hurt or weaken our citizens and/or our democracy by also voting because felons have bad judgment. If your a convicted felon, convicted of a violent crime,you have bad judgment.Why di we want people with that judgment picking our representatives? And felons should have to earn back the right to vote. If felons want to vote badly then they would be willing to earn it. So why don't they try to earn it? It will prove that they are different, and are trying to do the fight thing by earning it. And they could earn it by demonstrating rehabilitation by living crime free.
    So in conclusion felons shouldn't have voting rights because they have already shown that they do not deserve nor can they handle the responsibility, allowing felons to vote would undermine our democracy, felons have bad judgment, and felons should earn back the right to vote.

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