Ex-Secret Service agent reveals that Hillary was 'occasionally violent': does this erratic behavior mean she's unfit for the Presidency?

  • No Excuse for Violence

    I think that someone who is running to become President of the United States of America should be able to handle their emotions well enough to not ever have to resort to violence. There is absolutely no excuse for violence in today's society and to have a leader who seems to support violent behaviour, however occasional, seems outrageous.

  • There were times she needed to regulate

    First of all, why is the ex-secret service having loose lips. That in and of itself is suspicious. Hillary Clinton had many moments when she needed to put her foot down and shake things up...Monica Lewinsky scandal ring a bell? As Secretary of State she had to put her foot down and let them know she meant business. You can't face down dictators and send drones in to take out known killers and have a meek heart. I must say all of this revelation is strange timing.

  • I question the timing of this book

    Is it really that much of a coincidence that the book is coming out right now? Why wasn't this a more covered story in the past? With all of the other negative stories about her, erratic and violent behavior hasn't been mentioned before. Donald Trump is a bully and a near-pathological liar. He threatens people all the time. Honestly the candidates are all unfit in one way or another, but I don't think the violence story has a lot of credibility.

  • Everybody is sometimes

    So she has a temper. Does that honestly surprise anybody at all? It just means she is passionate about things in her life. Honestly, if Bill was my husband, I would be occasionally violent also. High ranking politician is a stressful job, I am sure they all get violent from time to time

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