Exams: Should examinations be replaced with other forms of assessment?

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  • Tests are dumb

    Once upon a time I took a test and I happened to pass that that, but was it because I was really smart or because I cheated? Well obviously not. I spent 2 days memorizing the answers. Then once upon another time I took another test and I didn't pass that one and was it because I was really smart or because I cheated? No it was because I didn't spent my time mesmerizing the answers.

  • Too much memorization

    Although some may argue tests are a good form of evaluation, most of the time they are just seeing if you can memorize useless facts that are not very useful for the future, however they should use different questions that are application-based questions for a better evaluation of the student.

  • There's no use in learning something just for the sake of getting good marks and then forgetting it later.

    It's not like by-hearting or knowing Pythagoras theorem will help me build a career, it's not like finding the area of a triangle will get me money in future, I'm not gonna be a farmer so why learn about agriculture in economics? Nor learning history will give me a better future. So why do we have the need to write exams?

  • Yes, examinations should be replaced with alternative methods

    I agree that examinations should be replaced by alternative methods. Examinations encourage the memorization and regurgitation of facts, not true learning. Furthermore, examinations cause anxiety and can be an inaccurate representation of a students knowledge. Education is currently framed around various milestone examinations, that do not prepare a students mind for the retaining of knowledge or prepare the student for the world.

  • Tests are poor.

    Testing is a very poor way of determining how intelligent a person is. The whole education system is so enamored with absorbing facts that we never learn how to think critically, just how to be a dumpster full of random facts and tests play into that problem. Open discussion of subjects and group discussion instead of tests would be helpful.

  • They are more advanced than other assessments.

    Exams at the end of the year are given so the teachers can understand if the students understood the materials throughout the school year. Depending on how the students do on the exam, tells the teachers what the students did or did not learn. What the teachers put on the exams, is the material that the students should know and that may give them the advantage of getting a good score. If the teachers give the students a different assessment that doesn't include all the information they should know, that won't really give the teachers the progress of the student. Teachers usually use the exams do they can determine whether or not the student should be able to pass the grade or not.

  • Exams should not replaced with other forms of assessment

    Exams Should not be replaced with other forms of assessment since it it the only way to truly test a students knowledge and understanding of the subject. Exams give teachers a great reference on how well they are teaching the course, depending on how well all the students do in certain areas.

  • Examination cannot be replaced.

    Too many people aregue that : examinations should be replaced by other interesting educational forms of assessment, yet they are ignorant of what are these forms. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that there is no any altercations that can replace subject examinations in any forms. Further studies have shown that above 90% of schools all over the world follow subject examination methods inorder to rank and evaluate the student's knowledge in these particular fields, in other words, if you really think that examinations should be replaced, then why the hell they didnt?!

  • Examinations are determinants

    Examinations as far as students are concerned, determines objectively their competency and mastery of it. It is the very essential form of assessing where the student is inclined and where a student is not. After all, it depends on the student itself how he or she establishes his/her study habits. Precise study habits in particular.

  • We Don't Have An Alternative

    I do not believe examinations should be replaced with other forms of assessment because as of yet, we don't have a viable alternative option. I believe it is important for people to create these alternative forms of measuring academic success, before we decide that they are better methods. I believe it should be studied more.

  • No, they are a good tool for evaluation.

    No, examinations should not be replaced with other forms of assessment, because exams are a good way to decide who knows the material. With an examination, the student has to understand the material as well as be able to regurgitate it on a test. It is a fair way to see who knows the material, and who needs to look it up.

  • No not done away with

    Exams should not be done away with. With that said there are some people who are bad exam takers so maybe adding other assessments on with the exams would help to level the playing field a bit. Exams are always going to be a necessary way to test knowledge in schools.

  • Examinations should not be replaced with other forms of assessment.

    Although in a perfect world there would be better ways to asses students, schools do not have the human resources to provide such evaluations. Examinations are an easy way to classify students without spending a lot of time or effort. Personal interviews would be too time consuming on a large scale basis.

  • Multiple different exams

    Formative assessment should be assessed in a variety of ways. You should gives students test because it is a good indicator of what a student knows. However, you should also provide projects, group works, or many other interactive ways for students to demonstrate what they have learned in order to be successful.

  • Examinations should not be completely replaced.

    While other forms of assessment should not be excluded, they should not completely replace examinations. Examinations often prove useful in measuring knowledge and ability. Naturally not everyone is a good exam taker and therefore other assessment is important too, but that is no reason to completely eliminate and replace traditional exams.

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