Excess of expensive homes go on the market: Is there a housing collapse in the future?

  • Yes, a housing collapse is looming.

    As much as I would like to be on the opposite side of the argument, I do feel that the indications are present and pointing to a housing collapse. Mortgage underwriting standards are declining as lenders take on more consumers with risky credit. Home-flipping is also rampant and another red flag that we are heading for a crash.

  • More than likely.

    History usually repeats itself because people do not learn from their mistakes. As we saw with the housing crisis before, if we continue to act extravagantly then we will end up right where we were, assed out. People do not think and that is what ruins this country. Ignorance and excess is what leads to any downfall.

  • Collapse will come.

    Property values are rising as new homes keep coming on the market. It's a great time to be a seller, and a rough time to be a buyer, but these prices won't last forever. The bubble will burst, interest rates will rise, and a housing collapse will eventually occur in the United States.

  • A housing collapse in the future

    As if history is doomed to repeat itself, another housing collapse in the future. And we can thank the federal government for this one once again. Just as it had forced lenders to make easily accessible mortgages available to people who had no business getting them, the government is doing the exact same thing again.

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