Excluding all real medical reasons for being overweight, is it wrong to be overweight when there are no real reasons other than poor lifestyle choices?

Asked by: Talib.ul-Ilm
Excluding all real medical reasons for being overweight, is it wrong to be overweight when there are no real reasons other than poor lifestyle choices?
  • Yep. There is no reason for it.

    If you have absolutely no real medical problems causing you to be overweight, and you're overweight simply due to a very poor diet and lack of exercise, you have no right to say you're big boned or anything of the like.

    In fact, I would say that when comparing the overweight person as an individual to the collective, they would be a bad influence on the collective, allowing it to be acceptable, normal, when it shouldn't be.

    We should strive for peak physical fitness as a people.

  • Treat it like alcoholism or drug abuse

    Contrary to modern society's coddling of overweight people, it is a significant health concern and not okay by any stretch of the imagination. Their real friends would be encouraging them to lose weight, not enabling them to continue a lifestyle that'll leave them dead from heart disease in their fifties.

    The worst part is the economic impact. Everyone else has become expected to cater to them and subsidize their poor lifestyle choices. Increased insurance rates and increased public transportation costs are among the most obvious examples. It's amazing how obese people can have such a lack of personal responsibility that they feel offended when they're charged double for occupying two seats, and they feel no remorse when someone is forced to squeeze into the half-seat next to them.

    Posted by: Quan
  • If you're making the choices, and you have control over your diet, then yes, it is wrong

    Well I mean, some people are born bigger and they have no control over it, but if all you do is have poor lifestyle choices, then it is kind of your fault. However, it can be really hard to lose the weight gained and if you have a really tight budget, unhealthy junk food is cheap and easy to come by so maybe they really have no other choice or are just unaware.

  • Why the hell not

    There is like 10 conditions that make you fat and they are rare and non of them make it impossible so why would you be fat it just means your lazy and have no will power fitness is science not magic its really not that hard to do at all

  • This is trying to link physicality to morality, which is nonsensical.

    What's next? It's "wrong" to have poor grooming and hygeine? Let's round them all up. Maybe after that we should consider those with bad fashion sense as wrong.

    Not to mention the fact that a great deal of these "lifestyle choices" involve the poor, who have restricted access to and no money for better food choices. Fresh fruits and vegetables cost a great deal more than packaged foods, and are unavailable to a great many inner city dwellers- the same folk who are far more likely to be overweight. There is a distinct correlation between wealth and BMI in this nation. This cannot be discounted as simply "bad choices".

  • People have the

    Right to do whatever with there bodies and flesh assuming it harms no other. If someone wants to eat, if that is their desire, why disallow it? Why condemn it? And if we extend this argument is poor hygiene immoral, poor sleep? Is asthma immoral, or diarrhea? How far does this go?

  • Is It Wrong?

    "Is it wrong? Is it wrong?Is it wrong? Is it wrong? Is it wrong? Is it wrong? Is it wrong? Is it wrong?"

    That is all i ever hear on this site now. No it is not wrong. If you do not want to be fat, don't be fat, but do not tell someone that is, that they are wrong for being fat. Even if they are poor choices, at least they made their own choice and aren't conforming to the "skinny" Idea of how someone should be like the asker of this question wants them to be. It is not wrong. This is just like how abercrombie and fitch will not make plus sized clothing. People think being fat is wrong because they want to be like everyone else, and if you are not like everyone else, there is something wrong with you, and you are "Wrong".

    ...But that is not true. What makes someone wrong is telling others that because someone made a different choice then you, you say it was a poor choice and it was "Wrong", and hey maybe it was a poor choice, but it was a choice nonetheless.

    Being fat is not wrong. It was a choice, and all choices made through freewill was a good choice.

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