Execution of Stanley Tookie: Was it right to execute Stanley Tookie?

  • Some people should be given a second chance.

    I believe that the execution of Stanley Tookie was
    shortsighted. Granted, he was a founding
    member of the Crips street gang, and he was guilty of various crimes. But, by the time of his execution, he was an anti-gang
    activist. Many young people looked up to
    him, and by letting him serve a sentence of life in prison, he could have
    steered some of them away from the gang life.

  • It's OK to execute murderers

    Stanley "Tookie" Williams was convicted of murder twice and was also the leader of The Crips, a major street gang in Los Angeles. He did not really "reform" himself until he was on death row and very likely only made the changes in his personal life (becoming anti-gang and writing children's books) in an attempt to stay alive.

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