Exercise is so important: Should people have to document their exercise regime for a tax discount?

  • Yes it should

    It motivates people to get healthy and saves them money at the same time. Only disadvantage would be because gyms would take advantage of this. However if you are simply gonna jog on it makes it worth it as u would save lots of Monnies. Jog on with Jon innit

  • There sghould be some form of verifiable documentation if people earn tax credits by exercising.

    Taxpayers must document income they earn and must also document medical, childcare and other expenses to receive tax credits, so it makes sense that they should have to do the same for an exercise tax credit. It is probably much easier than documenting most expenses since devices like FitBits and smartphones can basically perform this task. What is so egregious is that the government is actually considering granting tax credits for exercise.

  • An interesting incentive...

    Exercise is important. But you can't force someone to do it as a regular routine. A person would want to do it. However, it might be a good idea to create an incentive with a gift of a tax discount. What is unclear, is whether the discount applies to gym fees or just a regular exercise regime, such as basic walking or running every day where the fees only apply to purchasing your sneakers, etc...

  • I agree that people should document their exercise regimen for a tax discount.

    Obesity levels in the United States are ever increasing. If there were a tax discount offered simply for documenting your exercise plan, I think more people would be willing to participate. It would be necessary to have strict rules on this discount, as people tend to lie to get more money, but I think it would be helpful.

  • Not Governments Job

    I believe in conservatism, it not only should not be the responsibility of government to regulate your behavior through taxes, it should be prohibited. You should be responsible for yourself and educating yourself, not having a government of thought and action police.

    On the other side. If your government has universal healthcare, which is not a conservative principle, I'm now paying for healthcare. It still should not be a tax incentive. It should be mandatory, you should not be able to become a fat slob and get "free healthcare" at my dime.

  • No, Documented Workouts should not equate to a tax discount.

    While I can appreciate a reward-based system that encourages people to care about their health, I do not think a tax discount is necessarily the best way to go about it. Because our tax dollars go towards (or should be going towards) many different things like education, infrastructure, city programs, parks and recreation, etc. I would be concerned that we would be taking tax dollars away from things like that. A better alternative might be to reduce the cost of people's health insurance if they can show they have stuck to an exercise regimen, rewarding them financially for caring for their health. I think more people exercising would impact the health arena more than anywhere else, so the discounts should come from healthcare.

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