• Pot Doesn't Kill People, People Kill People

    So long as idiots are allowed to run around with guns and drink alcohol on the excuse that guns and alcohol don't kill people when they are involved in a strong majority of all fatal car accidents and violent crimes its insane to deny people access to popular alternatives like pot which tends to just makes them vegetate on the couch.

  • Yes, it should.

    Marijuana has many benefits, and can also help people to relax and to unwind after a long day. People drink alchohol and ingest caffine on a regular basis and very few people have issue with this. Marijuana has very few side effects and few people have ever been harmed by it.

  • Yes, recreational pot should be legal.

    Yes, recreational pot should be legal because alcohol is legal. Alcohol, in general, has worse side effects of than pot and will not kill anyone if they overdose. Pot also has many positive health benefits, like relaxing someone with muscle aches or anxiety. Everyone should be allowed to use it freely.

  • Yes, I agree.

    Did You Know... Marijuana Was Once a Legal Cross-Border Import? One hundred years ago, the federal government was not overly concerned with marijuana, the common name for the Cannabis sativa L. plant. Initially spelled "marihuana," it was also known as hemp, Mary Jane, Mary Warner, and by variety of other terms. Most Americans seemed unaware of its presence, let alone its exploitation as a drug. Marijuana was not classed as a major drug-unlike opium and heroin, which were prohibited under the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914 and subsequent restrictive legislation.

  • I think so.

    There are far worse things than smoking pot, such as smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes cause lung cancer, and those are totally and completely legal, right? Another thing that is more dangerous than pot that is legal, is alcohol. People who are intoxicated may get into cars, and then either get pulled over for drunk driving, or worse, get into an accident and possibly harm themselves or others. Many people smoke marijuana today, and they are fined or jailed for something that is harmless. If pot is legalized, people will be able to use it without consequences. It will also be able to be tax regulated, so the government can make a profit off it. Oh, and for those who think it's a gateway drug? Only the irresponsible people will get into other drugs. If people smoke so much of it that they can't get high off it anymore, then they will try other things and get addicted. Everything in moderation. Another positive to pot is that you can not get addicted to it like you can heroin, cocaine, caffeine, etc. Overall, marijuana is a harmless drug, and should be made legal because the pros totally outweigh the cons, if there even are any cons.

  • Yea, it should, for the sake of people

    Lots of people smoke pots, what would it change if it became legal? Nothing, the same dumb people would still smoke pots. The advantage is that goverment can better study the consumers and then they can make better policies to fight against addiction, especially in kids. By the way, marijuana is a natural plant, it is harmless, compared to other drugs that are really harmful, like cocaine.

  • Yes, recreational marijuana should be legal.

    Yes, marijuana should be legal because it a waste of tax dollars to keep punishing people for something that is less harmful than most medicines. There has never been a good reason for marijuana to be illegal. Some studies show that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. The government should make it legal and tax it, then maybe we can tackle more important issues.

  • It is a drug with no benefits to most people.

    Marijuana as recreational use serves no purpose but to get high and inhibits a persons ability to make decisions, much like alcohol does. Its use should be discouraged and remain illegal. Its long term effects is well known and very harmful. Marijuana use inhibits the senses too much to be considered safe.

  • Not it should not be legal.

    There are benefits to marijuana when it comes to medicinal purposes, but the detriments both personally and to society are far worse. Many people cite the legalization of alcohol as a standard for how legalization of a mind-altering substance does nothing harmful to society. That is, until they are reminded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission that on average every two minutes, someone is injured (often fatally) in a drunk driving accident.

    I think that when most people contemplate the idea of marijuana legalization, they picture a hippie by a fire, just sharing a few tokes with his buds. Where's the harm in that? Well, as Colorado has proven, usually it's not a hippie, it's a person between the ages of 15 and 26, and often times they are driving a vehicle. Colorado reported a more than 100% increase in traffic accidents that involved marijuana in 2015 according to the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

    It is a highly addictive substance (official studies claim about 1 in 10 become addicted). And those who think that kids won't be exposed to it... Well... How many underaged drinkers do you know? I happen to work at a high school, and... Yeah.

    Look, if you really want a model to compare to, look at a place that has had pot legalized for a long time. Like Amsterdam. They actually had to ban pot use during school because too many kids were showing up to school high after smoking off-grounds. Colorado, similarly, now has on average (according to RMHITA) 1 in 5 students who have or currently use pot.

    I know it's not a popular argument, but it's ignorant and false to say that legalizing it has little to no affect on anyone that doesn't want to smoke it.

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